Low Temperature Heat Pump

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Low Temperature Heat Pump Central Ducted System

A traditional heating and cooling system used to mean inefficient gas furnaces, baseboard heaters, and bulky air conditioners, or worse, messy and expensive oil-based systems. They are all noisy, lack in performance, and, by the very nature of their design, they cost a lot to operate. Traditional heat pumps would drop off in their ability to produce heat, but the Zuba will operate to -30°C and below. As more renewable energy sources come online they will be producing power for the electrical grid making low temperature heat pumps the leading edge of the wave in green-tech home heating and cooling.

Mitsubishi Electric has always been on the cutting edge of heating and cooling technology as well as money-saving, space-saving, quiet and earth-friendly products. Now with Zuba-Central, it is possible to introduce the superior benefits and technology of a Mitsubishi Electric system into your new or existing duct work. This is an ideal solution for an older Toronto home with a current electric furnace, or simply for someone who wants to install an extremely energy efficient, green heating and cooling system.