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A professionally installed and maintained smart air system for clean air peace of mind in your home.

How It Works

  1. The Central Air Monitor and Controller are installed alongside your home’s forced air system by your trusted technician. This innovative solution uses WiFi to add smart capabilities to your existing equipment.
  2. The Monitor tracks several parameters with assistance from the HVAC system’s airflow, including:
    • Integrated directly into your home s HVAC system
    • Real-time air quality score through the HAVEN IAQ ap
    • Monitors & controls filtration, ventilation, humidity and airflow on demand)
    • Professional support through your dedicated HAVEN Pro
  3. When air quality events are detected, the Controller activates your HVAC equipment automatically to increase circulation and filtration, and improve your air quality.
  4. Carry on with your everyday activities! Breathe better, knowing HAVEN is taking care of your home’s air.

The 3 Pillars of IAQ

Living in a home with poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can challenge your immune and respiratory system, mental health, and productivity.

HAVEN has the unique ability to manage the three pillars of IAQ through airflow detection, and automation.

  • Filtration: Helps capture harmful airborne particles on a whole-home scale.
  • Ventilation: Replaces stale air with fresh outdoor air, removing any built up airborne chemicals in the home.
  • Humidity Control: Key for human health and comfort in limiting microorganism and virus survival.
  • Airflow: The foundation to the three pillars of IAQ. Without airflow, the equipment that manages the three pillars can’t function effectively.

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We hired Belyea Brothers to install a ductless AC on our home’s 3rd floor. Booking an assessment with Steve was quick and easy, the quote was prompt and professional with all the information needed (and fair pricing), and they installed everything one week later as discussed…

Lauren A.

I contacted Belyea to replace a part on my water tank and they had it quickly completed very quickly. Initially there was some miscommunication, but the company was very fast to assume responsibility and remedy the problem. The technician, Matt, was highly professional and friendly…

Missy S.

We are extremely happy with the renovations and complete transformation of our 1,200 square foot basement by Belyea Bros. Limited. The project manager Sandy Scotland and his team, Kevin, Cam, Eytan and Liam, delivered high quality craftsmanship, with great attention to detail…

Laura Bhoi

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