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floorThe Romans were the first to use radiant-in-floor heating, and a couple of thousand years later it is still the most comfortable way to heat a home in winter.

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In 1949, Belyea Bros. Limited installed our first hot water ‘in-floor’ heating system. Of course, there have been enormous improvements in technology and equipment since then. The last ten years have seen a huge resurgence in hot water heating, particularly in new construction and in whole house renovations. The building and renovation process can also be an appropriate time to extend your existing hot water systems or install a new system and upgrade any hard surface area (mudroom, entrance lobby, kitchen, bathrooms) to ‘in-floor’ heating.

The simplicity of ‘in-floor’ turns the room itself into the actual ‘radiator’ and allows for the removal of your old, stand-up, cast-iron radiators, freeing up valuable space in your rooms. Applications for ‘in-floor’ heating can range from a kitchen, or a basement, to the entire house.

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