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furnaceFor over a century, Belyea Brothers Heating & Cooling has covered the indoor comfort needs of Toronto. We’ve seen our share of repair work, and a majority of those repairs could have been avoided with regularly scheduled maintenance from a seasoned heating contractor. The dedicated team from Belyea Brothers Heating & Cooling has the experience, training and integrity to perform a thorough inspection of your furnace or heating system and ensure its performance and safety.

Preventative Heating Service Reduces Costly Furnace Repair In Toronto

System malfunctions, inconsistent operation, poor air quality, and inflated utility bills can be prevented with regular heating service. Call Belyea Brothers Heating & Cooling for yearly service. Our team of knowledgeable technicians will analyze your heating equipment, carefully clean, tighten and calibrate the unit, survey ductwork, repair or replace defective parts, and restore your system to maximum efficiency.

Radiator, Boiler & Heat Pump Maintenance

As a locally owned business, we’re familiar with the range of heating systems that have been installed throughout the Greater Toronto area. In addition to traditional forced-air furnaces, our service department provides maintenance on domestic radiators, boilers, heat pumps, and hot water systems.

Through continued education in heating advancements and the insight gained from years of experience, our contractors are qualified to service all makes and models, from antiquated units to the most recent technology. With a yearly tune-up, we’ll keep your heating system operating quietly, dependably and safely. Schedule a convenient and affordable service call with Belyea Brothers Heating & Cooling, leave the worry in our hands, and enjoy taking your furnace for granted.

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