Preventative Maintenance Plans For Toronto Homes and Businesses

maintenanceYou wouldn’t drive your car 100,000 kms without oil changes or some kind of maintenance. The same holds true for your mechanical equipment. During its lifetime, your home comfort systems will need regular “tune ups” along the way. Keep in mind, the typical Toronto heating system runs for an average of 2600 hours per year, and often longer if the unit is also running a domestic hot water system. The typical Toronto cooling system runs for an average of 600 hours per year.

Regular preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure trouble-free operation and peak performance. It also keeps your system running at its optimal efficiency levels, which keeps energy usage, and your bill, in check. But just as important, preventative system maintenance gives you peace of mind. Remember that most manufacturers will not honor warranties on equipment if there is no record of maintenance.

Pre-season maintenance can help you avoid a system failure on the hottest or coldest day of the year. It also helps you avoid a frantic search for someone who can repair or replace your broken system.

You should plan your maintenance early. We start booking cooling maintenance in late March and early April, and heating maintenance in late August and early September.

Maintenance Plans from Belyea Heating & Cooling In [region]

Our maintenance plans are designed to keep you on a regular maintenance schedule so that your equipment is checked at the beginning of each season. Maintenance plans run annually and can be paid once a year, or billed monthly on your Enbridge bill.

Key Benefits of Our Comprehensive Maintenance Plans
  • Includes your annual maintenance for the specific equipment on plan
  • A discounted rate for repairs
  • Regular-time diagnostic charges if you require an after-hours call
  • Priority over non-plan clients
  • A checklist of items for your service records

Belyea Service Plan Agreement
Belyea Service Plan Brochure
Belyea Service Plan Terms and Conditions

Pre-Service Checklist

Click on the checklist below to get some useful information that will help you have a better understanding of the information we need to provide you with a better service experience.

Pre-Service Checklist

Maintenance Checklists

Our service technicians go through a full maintenance checklist for your equipment to ensure good operation and optimum efficiency. A copy of this checklist is left with the homeowner for their own records, and the Service Department also maintains records for our clients.

Is it Time to Replace Your Heating and Cooling Equipment?

Would you drive your car until the wheels fell off, or the engine seized?
The majority of homeowners wait until their mechanical equipment is completely beyond repair before entertaining the idea of replacing a system. While we do not suggest replacing equipment prematurely, unless there is a very good reason to do so, we do encourage people to be sensible about planning their purchases.

Often when equipment breaks for good it is in the middle of the winter (or heat wave), and chances are you will be waiting awhile to get a replacement unit. You may also not have estimates for replacing your equipment and are starting the process from scratch.
The average expected lifespan of well-maintained equipment is 16-18 years for heating systems, and 14-16 years for cooling systems. However, we replace a lot of equipment that is less than 14 years old due to improper application or lack of maintenance. In general, we may suggest replacing equipment if the cost of repair is more than 25% of the cost of a new unit, or a piece of equipment is at the end of its life expectancy.

Be proactive. Replace your heating equipment in the late summer rather than when it starts to get cold, and start thinking about replacing that air conditioner in March – not July!

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