Hot Water Heater Rentals in Toronto
Tankless Water Heater Service & Hot Water Heater Service

Water heater rentals are a great solution for many homeowners who have a short-to-medium timeframe in their house, own a tenanted property, are looking for a peace-of-mind solution to address their domestic hot water needs, or simply wish to have a clear idea of their monthly house budget over the long term without the worry of heater repairs.

Many consumers are confused by which company they actually rent their water heater from, thinking that because the charge appears on their gas bill that they rent from “gas-company”. In fact, most customers in Toronto rent their heaters from Enercare, formerly Direct Energy Home Services. Although they bill on the gas bill, they are not, in any way, affiliated with your gas utility.

Over the last few years there has been an onslaught of pushy, door-to-door salespeople who tell homeowners anything they can to get into your home and try to get you to sign a contract with them – DO NOT LET THEM IN.

Toronto’s Hot Water Heater Experts

Selecting a water heater requires the expertise of a heating professional; let us help you choose the right heater for your home and family.

Key Features of Renting from Belyea Brothers:

  • Deal with a local company that has been in the domestic water heating business since 1908
  • Agreements are fully transferrable to new homeowners
  • Rentals conveniently billed on your Enbridge© bill
  • Rate increase protection – so you know how much you will be paying next year!

Water Heater Rental Postcard