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Furnace Cleaning

I was more than satisfied with the service I received. He went above and beyond to take care of both of my furnaces. I would highly recommend Belyea Brothers to anyone needing a furnace and continual service.

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Judy in Toronto

New Air Conditioner (Replaced And Removal Of Old Unit)

Excellent company that provided us with removal of our old air-conditioner which was buried under our deck and replaced with a quieter and more efficient model for our semi-detached home. Very knowledgeable and friendly at all stages. Will certainly contact again for future HVAC needs. Thanks!

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Mary in Toronto

HVAC Support

Over the last 10 years, Belyea Brothers have cleaned my furnace and humidifier and provided an excellent solution to my problem with getting my air conditioner to cool my second floor in a 1904 house. Today the annual service / cleaning of my furnace and dehumidifier was completed by Anthony who arrived on time completed his work efficiently and reviewed the results with me. As always great service from polite, experienced and tidy personnel.

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Furnace Repair

I had a problem with my furnace the first week of October. Thermostat was asking for heat, but nothing was coming out of the furnace. As luck had it, one of Belyea Bros. Trucks was replacing my neighbour’s water heater. So, I had Steve Thomas come in and have a look. He made a call to the office and the next thing you know I’ve got a tech on the way.

I had a part that needed replacing, and the goal was to not replace my furnace if I didn’t need to. Craig Hood and I spoke again. Totally professional. In fact, the whole team on the other end the phone worried about getting me fixed. The Tech, Craig, Steve, all worried about getting me sorted for the lowest price but solving my problems.

In the end, I have a working furnace, and I trust that Belyea wasn’t trying to screw me. Don’t think twice about calling Belyea. I have spent money twice and its been worth it both times.

What more can I say?

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David P in Toronto

Design & Install New Boiler With Domestic Hot Water Supply

Chose Belyea from six estimates that included other manufacturers and configurations. Belyea price was 2nd highest of all quotes, but the configuration gives me a lot of confidence and solved two problems. I now have two independent heating zones in the house and no longer require a hot water storage tank. We installed the Viessmann Vitodens 222F B2TA-35 which is a modulating boiler. Modulation is very impressive. Craig Hood designed the solution and Andrew [and crew] installed the system in two days. This required complete re-fitting of flu, air intake, and all piping. They did an excellent job with no mess or damage to our finished basement.

Ger from North Toronto

HVAC Replacement And Installation

2nd time using Belyea for HVAC and 2nd time process was smooth, very informative, installation occurred very soon after terms were settled and Bryan and Julio were friendly, professional and took the time to explain the new system once installed. Their prices are comparable to others and sometimes even cheaper. Would highly recommend this company.

Sam in Scarborough | Oct 12, 2015

Furnace And A/C Replacement

Right from the beginning we experienced very good service from Belyea. My first phone call was answered by Philip, who kindly explained the various possibilities for heating and cooling and offered to have a sales person call promptly. Bruce Philp was available to visit our home right away. He discussed the various options with us and did a thorough inspection and measurement of the old equipment and furnace room area to ensure we would receive a quote on the correctly sized equipment. When we received the quotation Bruce was quick to reply to various questions we had about it. Once we decided to have Belyea do the install for both furnace and A/C units, the install dates (2 successive days) were arranged for the following week. The installers, Bryan and Julio arrived when they said they would. They were courteous and willing to discuss options of where to place the outdoor A/C unit for the most efficient operation of the unit and the ability to install it properly. Bryan and Julio did an excellent job of the installation, installed the equipment efficiently and were quick to clean up at the end. We have used the A/C and it cools the house quickly. We barely hear the furnace when it is running. Thank you Belyea!

Alison Booz in Toronto | Oct 12, 2015

Annual Furnace Maintenance

Technician Anthony was great! Went to great lengths to explain problem and resolve it. Suggested a replacement for humidifier pad and we agreed. Edward from Service was great—-very patient. We have been totally satisfied with Belyea Bros since we joined them.

Debbie Goslett from Toronto | Oct 24, 2015

Installation of Attic Pak Air Conditioner

Starting with the salesman, Bruce, Belyea Brothers did a fantastic job. Bruce worked with me to make the best decision for our house in terms of cost and effectiveness. The installation was a 3 man job, and it took most of the day. The crew was great, they took time to explain things to me and to answer my questions (apologies guys, I can’t remember your names). Installing one of these units is a very involved process – lots of parts, packaging etc. The clean up was fantastic – pretty much no evidence that 30 man hours of work had occurred other than a fantastic new air conditioner. I really can’t find any reason to give these guys less than a 10.

Kevin in East York

Furnace Maintenance

Received an afternoon appointment from Belyea within 24 hours of phoning. Anthony arrived in the early afternoon which saved hanging about. Courteous and careful not to mark floors, he serviced the furnace and cleared up a minor drainage problem that had developed. Efficient and effective.

Mappamate from Toronto | Sept 15, 2015

Air Conditioner Service

Anthony Mazzatenta arrived at exactly 9am (the beginning of the service window of 9-12) to service my air conditioner and replace the air filter. He was extremely professional and courteous, and was clearly invested in doing an excellent job. Beyond completing the usual checklist for air conditioning maintenance, he washed the outdoor unit twice (since it was extra dirty from having missed the previous year of service), and he provided additional tips about our humidifier to help improve the functioning of our air conditioner. Thanks Anthony!

Gabrielle Sugar from Toronto | Aug 24, 2015

HVAC Maintenance

We called the Belyea Bros to set up a maintenance package for our Furnace and Air conditioning. After checking out more then a few companies, we chose Belyea Bros because they had the most comprehensive package and were the most personable. When Anthony showed up to start our contract he was very thorough and professional. We feel confident to recommend them to other people.

A W from Toronto | Aug 23, 2015

Air Conditioning Repair

I recently bought the house and this is my first experience with central air conditioning. There was water leaking on the basement floor under the furnace/fan. Anthony was knowledgeable friendly and efficient. He recommended a full maintenance check and cleaning of the system, both the outside Lennox A/C unit and the inside AirFlow furnace/blower. The drain tubes from the condenser were clogged and after cleaning, the system is running fine again. Thanks.

Chris from Toronto | Aug 18, 2015

Air Conditioner Service

I contacted Belyea around 9am on a Monday morning because my air conditioner wasn’t cooling sufficiently. Technician Anthony M was at my location before 11. He diagnosed the problem as low freon, caused either by a leak or by the slow loss that occurs with repeated checking of the freon levels (through annual condo maintenance). Anthony added freon to the system, brought the cooling temperature down to the appropriate level, and was done in about 30 minutes. He explained everything to me –even the painful part that IF this solution doesn’t work, it does become a much more expensive repair (pressure test to find the leak, fix the leak, etc). I appreciated his knowledge about the subject and his transparency so that I know exactly what to expect. AND, I appreciate him trying the current solution first instead of trying to sell me an expensive repair. He was prompt, professional (even kept putting the shoe covers on and off when he had to go in and out of the condo), and polite. I’d recommend Belyea for future services

T Herrle from Toronto | Aug 8, 2015


I called at 8:30 am this Thursday and Anthony was at my door at 10 am. He resolved the problem in the Boiler and now I want him to come back and service the AC.

Adriana Abreu from Toronto | August 7, 2015

Replace Thermostat

Mine was a straightforward replacement of a thermostat. The technician, Anthony, was friendly helpful and careful. He was early and then made sure everything was working properly and took the time to explain the controls. I was satisfied with the work.

Catherine Logan from East York, ON

Viessmann 222F Combination Boiler with Storage

I know this review is a little late; however it’s better late than never. I had a new hvac and tankless hot water heater system installed towards the end of June (June 25, 26 to be exact). I decided to replace my furnace at the end this brutal winter season, knowing that it would not make it through the next one. I thought I’d give a call to Belyea Bros. after years of receiving their flyers in the mail advertising their products and services. My initial call was left on voicemail which was promptly returned, after explaining what type of work I was interested in I was told that a gentleman by the name of David (last name escapes me… sorry) would call back with further questions and information. My returned call from David came within 15-20 mins, we talked about the type of work I was interested, along with the pros and cons of certain systems; David said that he’d have one of their reps call to set up an appointment, and again I received a phone call that was returned promptly by Craig Hood. My scheduled appointment with Craig was on time, I found him to be very pleasant and informative. We quickly were in discussion about the types of systems available, how they work and placement of the units, which was a concern of mine as I’ve seen units placed around homes that end up ruining the surrounding aesthetics. With a new system settled on, I scheduled my installation date. The day of my scheduled installation date, Bryan & Julio arrived early in the morning and proceeded to go over the installation process of the units in particular the A/C unit. My original plan was to have the A/C mounted on brackets to the home rather than on the ground; however the installation concern was in hitting the hollow spots in the concrete blocks, plus the vibration from unit itself when operating. The suggestion was to have the unit sit raised off the ground and on added vibration pads. This was a very acceptable alternative and it did not in any way alter the aesthetics that I was hoping for. Bryan & Julio, and a long with a second team that came in to do the tankless hook up worked were great; they worked tirelessly and professionally over the course of 2 days. All in all, I am extremely satisfied with the system; the A/C has worked wonderfully during this past heat wave, through experimenting I have a proper setting for a consistent cool not freezing home to come home to. The tankless hot water unit is absolutely the best; works like a charm I can’t say enough, I love it! There was a very minor issue with the unit right after the installation, but was quickly resolved by cutting a hose going into the condenser which kept it above the waterline; my thanks to Belyea for sending out Damien on a Sunday morning in order to troubleshoot the problem. Now all I have to wait for is this coming winter to test the heating system. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to replacing any type of heating, a/c or hot water system in their homes to give Belyea a call. I look forward to continued service from Belyea in order to keep the equipment in tiptop shape.

HVAC Service

Belyea brothers was very helpful with our HVAC issues. Helping to ensure the warranty was covered and getting the part quickly. Dylan came to do the install and went above and beyond with his service, patience and support to explain what he had done and get it all up and running. Would definitely use again & would definitely request Dylan.

H Cairns from Toronto

AC Repair

I had Deo from Belyea Bros repair my Fujitsu ductless AC. He was very professional, polite and helpful in explaining the issue. He quickly got the repair done and answered the questions I had. He is also very personable which makes the experience so pleasant. I highly recommend him and would hire him and Belyea Bros the next time. Now I can enjoy the cool again!

Jennifer from Toronto

Air Conditioning Repair

Dylan did a great job figuring out why our air conditioning system was leaking–a challenge that had stumped other repairmen at the company. What’s more, Belyea Bros was extremely customer friendly in not charging me any additional cost for the work. Thanks very much, Belyea!

Sunny from Toronto

Heating And Air Conditioning Service

We have used Belyea for years for both heating and air-conditioning. This year our furnace broke down and they were here within a couple of hours. They got the old one working and a salesperson to our home even though it was just before the Christmas holidays. We ordered a new one and they came on time in the New Year. Crew of 4 people worked all day to install as we had a very old boiler system and it took a great deal of effort. They left everything spotless and in good working condition. Deo was our technician for years on the old system, hopefully we will see him again for the new system. We have a ductless air-con system and Anthony was just here for the annual maintenance. Everything left in good working condition. Highly recommend them.

Penny from Toronto

AC And Humidifier Installation

I asked the installation guys to connect the humidifier to our new Ecobee thermostat, and they had never done that before. But they knew how to troubleshoot and figure out how to do it without complaining. The AC was installed and was tidy after the job was complete.

Tiffany from Toronto

A/C Cleaning

They are efficient, knowlegable and reliable. We use them for everything HVAC related and have been very satisfied. They know what they are doing and are always honest and friendly.
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S. Hay from Toronto

Cooling System And Maintenance

They did an excellent, professional job putting in our a/c in 2011. This year we heard clunking sounds so decided to get the yearly a 1st time check up ($145.00). Will definitely request Dylan again: knowledgeable, professional, and really cared about our problem. Problem: Our Sears furnace – not Belyea Brothers a/c unit … Next furnace will be through Belyea Bros. Can I say it again? EXCELLENT EXCELLENT reps, office staff and technicians.
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Regina from Toronto | July 3, 2015

Attic Air Conditioner Leaking

Dylan arrived promptly as promised. He diagnosed the problem immediately and repaired the leak, cleared all drains & trap and tightened connections. He tested to ensure there were no others leaks. He also took the time to inspect the rest of the air conditioner unit to confirm there were no other possible problems. He also answered all of my questions. It was a pleasure to deal with him as he was very thorough, knowledgeable and professional.
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Jim B. from Toronto | June 29, 2015

Air Conditioner

Fantastic, friendly service from start to finish. Knowledgeable and patient with all of my questions. Had one tiny glitch. It was fixed immediately by technician Anthony. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Belyea Brothers to family and friends.
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Paul D. from Toronto | June 24, 2015

Air Conditioner Repair

Belyea Bros repaired my air conditioner which had been leaking water. The technician, Anthony, identified and fixed the issue quite quickly, but performed some additional tests to ensure that there were no other problems. He was very thorough but efficient, and explained to me exactly what the issue was and the steps he had taken to correct it. He even wore covers over his boots to avoid messing up my floors – a nice touch. I would definitely recommend Belyea Bros and Anthony in particular.
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Nicole from Toronto | June 22, 2015

Air Conditioning Service

Today was my annual air conditioning maintenance. I was happy to see the same technician (Anthony) again and once more he provided his thorough, cheerful and hassle free service. Servicing our attic space pack is challenging as the crawl space is tight but Anthony handled this with no problems. Looking forward to seeing him again in the fall for the furnace service.
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Gordon Roberts from Toronto | June 15, 2015

New Boiler

Very pleasant experience with Belyea Bros. After making service calls with two other companies and receiving 3 red tags for my 50 year old coal conversion gas boiler, Belyea Bros. was recommended by a friend for a new boiler install. The salesman, Steve gave me what turned out to be a very realistic quote for the work that needed to be done including removing the old boiler and its asbestos wrappings. He gave me plenty of time to research my new investment and was extremely helpful in answering all my emails and phone calls that I had regarding the new install. The work was completed in a little over one day and I was extremely impressed by the quality of the work in interfacing the new boiler with the maze of piping left from the original boiler. Although I was given a new thermostat that I should have had Belyea install, I instead chose to retain my old thermostat. Mistake! After encountering problems with my old thermostat, I installed the new thermostat myself, but incorrectly, which resulted in a service call. The technician, Deo arrived within hours of my call, was extremely helpful and the problem was resolved without charge, even though it was my fault. I highly recommend Belyea Bros. for a new boiler install. Their professionalism was in stark contrast to the two other firms that I had previously contacted after experiencing problems with my old boiler.

MM from Toronto | June 10, 2015

Annual Furnace Maintenance

Great technician (Anthony) was thorough, polite and punctual. Covered shoes with slippers, so dirt on carpet, reviewed all his findings, left work space clean and tidy. Look forward to seeing him next year. Cheers Derek

Derek Holzapfel from Toronto | June 3, 2015

New Furnace & Water Heater

We needed both a furnace and hot water heater. The original contact people were highly informative but applied absolutely no pressure for our final decision – we did elect to take the top of the line though. The installation went rather smoothly due to the hard word of Bryan and Julio. They were problem solvers (as it’s not easy to install these items in an old Cabbagetown house) – they made sure everything was running smoothly. But what I liked best of all is when Bryan went over the whole system with me and explained it all – how to work heating, cooling and the water heater – as well as showed me all the intakes and outputs and most importantly – the shut-off valves. I was highly impressed by this – this thoroughness is not characteristic of most businesses. Happy to install and quick to leave is the usual…and they did not do this.
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Thomas Brasch from Toronto | June 2, 2015

Cooling Maintenance

The technician, Anthony, arrived in the time interval promised. He worked smoothly and carefully and seemed to do a more thorough job cleaning the system than had been done before, at least to the best of my recollection.
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David Sher from Toronto | May 26, 2015

A/C Maintenance

I’ve been a Belyea customer for years, and have always been happy with their work and their customer relations. Today, Anthony came to do the AC maintenance. He was punctual, friendly and efficient. An AC maintenance doesn’t get much better than that.
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Robin Ostow from Old Toronto

Air Conditioner

Dylan came to my home and promptly diagnosed a faulty fan motor for my ac. He then quickly returned to replace. He was very very polite, professional, and went above and beyond to get the job done. Ihighly recommend this company! Thank you Belyea bros!
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Lynda from Toronto | May 22, 2015

Air Conditioner Installation

Bryan and Julio from Belyea Bros arrived punctually and handled the installation of my new air condition in a very diligent, thorough, competent, informative and pleasant manner! My total rating is 10.
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Ute from Toronto | May 21, 2015

Air Conditioner Service

Anthony performed a diagnosis and replaced a defective capacitor. He was courteous and took time to explain the services and problem. I would recommend Belyea Brothers to anyone requiring this type of work.
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Ken D’Silva from Toronto | May 21, 2015

Air Conditioner Replacement

Jamieson gave me a great overview of the ductless air conditioner options that exist, he discussed brands and warrantees and visited my house on the Saturday of a long weekend to assess ideal location and the size of my house to help me understand the best options for my house and my needs. I really felt like he armed me with valuable information to make a good decision.

Justin in Toronto (Annex)

Furnace Repair And Ac Maintenance

For the second time I’ve had great service from Belyea brothers and their technician, Jon. The company is big enough to have personnel to respond late night in an emergency but small enough to give really care about their clients. This past week, Jon was quick to diagnose the issue with our furnace and prepared to make a repair on the spot. He was also professional and friendly while doing it.
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Tina, Leaside, Toronto

Furnace Repair

Jon did a great job replacing the secondary heat exchanger on our furnace. He showed up right on schedule and was very friendly and informative. Belyea has been very professional in addressing the concerns with our equipment and standing behind their installation and service over the years.

Tim from Toronto | April 27, 2015

Air Conditioning Service

Friendly, helpful service. On time and budget friendly. I felt that Dylan listened and took the time to properly assess the situation. Definitely using this company again in the future.
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Chris Phyper from Toronto | April 19, 2015

Replaced Water Heater With Combi-Boiler

My wife and I bought this house back in 2010 not really know anything about home ownership, much less how heating systems work. It turns out that our central heating system was driven off an oversized water heater. The system worked OK but definitely expensive and not really able to heat the house past 18.5 or so in the coldest winter nights. About a year ago we started having problems in the bathtub where we were getting rusty colored hot water. After speaking to a couple plumbers and HVAC experts it seemed likely that the rust was coming from the hot water tank which was being run non-stop to keep the house warm. At first I thought the job would be a simple water heater replacement, but because of how the tank integrates with our central heating system no one wanted to work with us. I contacted 10+ HVAC contractors over a period of a couple months, many of them large reputable companies. Some didn’t even respond, and the ones that did essentially told me that they wouldn’t go near a system like mine. Obviously I was getting very worried that we were going to be able to find any reputable company to work with us. We have two small kids taking nightly baths in rusty water and a water tank that inevitably was going to leak into the basement. I was fortunate that one of the companies that rejected the job referred me to Belyea. I contacted with Belyea via their website. David Graeme (the CEO) responded to me the next day. I ended up having a 30 minute conversation with David, fully expecting yet another rejection, but in the end he suggested that Belyea could replace our water heater with a combi-boiler, which would be much more capable of heating the house on the really cold nights, and run more efficiently at the same time. David sent Craig Hood out to our place to look at our installation and discuss all the details and options with respect to installing the combi-boiler. My wife and I were both impressed with Craig’s knowledge, professionalism, and patience as we asked a bunch of novice questions just trying to make sure this was the best option for us. We also ended up deciding with him to install a central HEPA filter to clean up the air in my house which is rather dirty considering the constant nearby construction. We started work a few weeks later with Paul and crew. They did an excellent job and made sure everything was done properly. They finished on schedule (and on budget) and Paul was even able to make one final change for me that we talked about at the last minute (to fix a leakage problem caused by a prior HVAC company). I had two minor concerns regarding the installation which I discussed with David Graeme a couple days after the job was complete. He sent Paul out that same day and one concern ended up not having anything to do with the heating system at all (just a timing coincidence), and the other was a small request to change the ventilation which Paul modified very quickly. They were happy to help and I appreciated their desire to make sure the installation was perfect and that I was 100% happy with the work. After all this, I can’t really imagine working with any other HVAC company other than Belyea. They came in and saved the day when no one else would and did a great job. If you’ve got a tough job that you need professionals to handle, or just a normal just you want to make 100% sure is done right, save yourself the time and just call Belyea.
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Adam McLaurin from Toronto | April 18, 2015

Annual Ac Maintenance

It was time for our annual ductless AC maintenance. We cannot live in the summer without these units. Dylan came out on the Friday before a long weekend and ensured all was functioning from 2 exterior units, to interior cooling, to drainage from the units to the exterior via the draining tubes. In the end we know our units are ready for the summer. All work was done on time, and as quoted. Bring on the heat! 🙂 Looking forward to having Dylan back again next spring!
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Robert in Leslieville from Toronto

Furnace & A/C Service

I count on Belyea Bros for my annual furnace and a/c maintenance. They send a reminder but never bug me. They do the job, clean up after themselves and are pleasant too.
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Pat Werner from Toronto

Tankless Water Tank Repair

Jon came out today to repair our tankless hot water heater. He quickly assessed the issue and determined that the vent was blocked. Apparently someone had borrowed our ladder and placed it over the vent. Problem solved quickly and on time. Thanks Jon.

Mr Peter Leiss from Toronto

Furnace And A/C

They are always friendly and on time. They always seem to now what they are talking about. The last visit Jon went out of his way to fix a wire that had come lose.
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Shelby from Toronto | April 23, 2015

Heating/AC Repair

Having a breakdown of your heating/AC system is never convenient or a pleasurable experience. Thanks to the dedication and resolve Edward and his colleagues at Belyea Brothers, my problem was addressed. It is easy to see why this firm continues to be successful for over 100 years!

Greg Weeks from Port Perry | March 17, 2015

Hot Water Tank Installation

We just moved to our home a year ago and were renting an electric tank from Direct Energy. After it started leaking an electrician we are familiar with recommended we contact Belyea for an alternate quote. I called them on Wednesday and Stephen took the call. He was friendly, sympathetic, professional and pro-active. He came to my house later in the day and made a few recommendations. I decided on renting a gas hot water tank and Stephen assured me the technicians would come by the next day at 9 to complete the installation. Sure enough, two technicians showed up at 9 and were very professional and knowledgeable. All in all, I was very satisfied with my experience with that team at Belyea Bros.
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Tanya from Long Branch, Toronto, ON | Feb 25, 2015

Hot Water Heater Purchase And Installation

An older tankless hot water heater had self-destructed, leaving us without any hot water. We were beginning to panic. Looking for a trustworthy, preferably local company to deal with this was stressful, to say the least. Then a friend recommended Belyea Bros. Stephen and David came over to survey the situation. For various reasons, a new hot water tank had to be installed in a new location closer to the main water and gas lines. This would require new connections for water and gas, along with a tank (which we purchased from Belyea as part of our agreement). The installation team came out exactly when scheduled, just about noon. They worked quickly and efficiently, finishing by late afternoon. And the work was of top-notch quality. We are extremely pleased, and would highly recommend the very professional and friendly staff at Belyea Bros!
Approximate cost of services:


David in East York, Toronto, ON

New Furnace Installation

Was very happy with Belyea’s work. Here’s the story – Belyea had installed a new air conditioner for us many years ago and we were pleased with the work, so we had them come and inspect our 20 year old furnace and they found a big problem and said we needed a new furnace. We had another company do an inspection and they confirmed Belyea’s diagnosis. Belyea gave us 3 options and Christian and Jeff came 2 days later and did the installation. The installation took longer than expected, but they stuck by their original quote. They cleaned up when they left and were very professional throughout the process. I would definitely recommend that you give Belyea a chance to earn your business.
Approximate cost of services:


Chris at Woodbine & Danforth, Toronto, ON

Furnace Repair

I’ve had some spotty luck with HVAC companies in the past. Belyea installed my hot water tank a year ago and recently repaired my furnace. These guys are as honest as the day is long. Excellent customer care and they actually recommended I not go with a new furnace as the repair and price made sense for the age of the equipment. Can’t say enough about how great having an honest company is. The workers are great as well and followed up to ensure the repair was satisfactory.
Approximate cost of services:


Mark O’Connor in Toronto

Veissmann Vitodens 222F Installation

I don’t usually write reviews, but thought it was warranted for Belyea’s exceptional sales & service! In late October the service team installed a Viessmann 222F combination unit. My Sales Rep, Craig Hood, suggested this unit based on my family’s hot water requirements. I was reluctant as my mind was set on an indirect water tank set-up. His recommendation was spot on, my family has had endless domestic hot water! Craig could have sold us more than we required, but he took the time to really listen. A pain point for me, was my second floor being substantially cooler than the first floor. Craig brought the president of the company (David) for a second opinion….nice touch! They determined that the 2nd floor radiator configuration was undersized. Craig recommended replacing two radiators with larger ones and creating a second zone with a wireless thermostat. Again, the recommendation was exactly right. My family is now comfortable and we have more than enough heat on the 2nd floor. Lastly, the installation techs were phenomenal. Very considerate when it came to the house and my family; wearing protective boots, laying down tarps on stairs and keeping me in the loop every step of the way. The lead tech, Andrew, continually enlisted my input when removing the old piping and building the manifolds for the new system. This major upgrade to my HVAC system (four days of work) is exceeding my expectations!
Approximate cost of services:


Jay from Toronto | Jan 20, 2015

Furnace Maintenance

Belyea bros has taken care of my furnace for years. Anthony was recently by for the annual tune up. He was extremely thorough and a very pleasant person, taking the time to explain things as he went along. I will definitely ask for Anthony next year!
Approximate cost of services:


Sandra Caswell from Toronto

Furnace Maintenance

Belyea Bros. saved me from the clutches of Direct Energy: DE red carded my 8 yr. old high energy furnace on a freezing Friday afternoon in December and presented me with a $700 estimate to replace a “cracked” heat exchanger. I phoned Belyea for a second opinion and within 2 hours Peter was at my door and completed an inspection and a thorough gas leakage readings tests. Result proved negative and the red tag was reversed. Guess who is getting my maintenance plan as soon as I can get out of the clutches of the Direct Energy contract – Thank you guys.

Ed from Toronto | Dec 18, 2014

Install Humidifier

Called Belyea Bros to enquire about humidifiers. Elaine was very helpful to get me good information. The next day I ordered the recommended unit. A few days later the unit was installed by 2 technician who were on time and were very professional. They explained the operation and how to effectively operate the unit. I was very positively impressed.
Approximate cost of services:


Johan Demeester from Toronto

Supply & Installation Of New Bradford White Storage Water Heater

I wanted a new Bradford White water heater and chose Belyea Brothers for their prompt response, longevity in business and many positive reviews. I was not disappointed. Bryan and Julio were pleasant and professional when they came to remove the old water heater and install the new one. They answered my questions competently and followed up with me after the installation. They did a neat, professional job of installing the water heater. They cleaned up so well you couldn’t tell they were here. We are enjoying our new water heater and thank you Bryan and Julio for a pleasant first experience with Belyea Brothers.
Approximate cost of services:


Dominic Young-On from Toronto

New Boiler

Our boiler broke in October, leaving us without heat. Belyea was one of the companies I called to discuss repair/replace options. I dealt with David, who was professional, knowledgeable, and really took the time to discuss options and pros / cons. We decided to replace the unit, Belyea pricing was very competitive, and the team that did the complicated job was excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend this company for heating/cooling work.
Approximate cost of services:


Lori from Toronto

Oil To Gas Boiler Conversion w/ Viessmann Boiler

We hired Belyea Brothers out of 5 other companies and upon recommendation by 2 of my relatives that have used them. Belyea was always the front-runner out of my choices but I wanted to do my due diligence because the amount I am spending and the skill and experience required for installation of a boiler – I’ve read horror stories of not getting consistent heat or hot water. Of the companies I met with, only 1 other company I was comfortable with hiring however they were priced much more. I was met by Craig and we went over what I wanted out of the system and my plans down the road. He recommended a Veissmann Vitoden 100 with CombiPlus kit. In my research, I narrowed it down to this unit and I was happy that he recommended this. Craig also arranged with Enbridge to have my gas line piped to the house. On the day of installation, Belyea recommended a very good company to remove my old oil tank and cast iron boiler. Then shortly after that, Belyea’s crew of Christian, Giovani, and 2 Jeffs came to run the gas line within my house. Christian discussed with me on the best solution of running the gas pipe from the outside into my basement and where the unit was to be installed. I was very happy with the crew on the first day. They described their work in detail and answered all my questions. Since this was a big job, Christian and Jeff came the 2nd day to setup and finish off the work on the Veissmann. They did an amazing job and the installation was nice and clean. When the job was finished, Steve, another salesperson came by to ensure I was happy with the service. They all went over what I need to know about running the unit and what to do ongoing. Overall, a very good experience and I would highly recommend them to anyone. I will be defiantly hiring Belyea again to remove my cast iron pipes when I plan to finish my basement.
Approximate cost of services:


Evan from Toronto

Installation Of A Radiator

The heating in our house was unbalanced; some rooms were too hot and others too cold. We suspected that a radiator had been removed by a previous owner, as there was no heating source in our dining room. We contacted Belyea and they were very professional from the start. David visited our house and reviewed the options with us. This made the decision easy to make. On the day of installation, the team arrived on time, and were very courteous. They set to work promptly, and completed the work within one day. They left the site clean and tidy. The new radiator is functioning well and the unbalanced heat in our house has been rectified; all rooms are now the same temperature.
Approximate cost of services:


Michael from Toronto

Whole House Furnace Humidifier

Victorian House with all kinds of lack of humidity issues: hardwood floors separating, sinus problems… Got 4 quotes, from $600 to $3,000. Spoke with David who did an analysis and made a firm, affordable recommendation. Bryan and Julio did a great installation. The house is a different place as we head through December with all issues resolved.
Approximate cost of services:


Glen from Toronto

Daikin Furnace & AC

If you have an old renovated house and are thinking of replacing your furnace, you may be interested in our experience.

A month ago, our furnace conked out. It was 13 years old, high efficiency, but a cheap model with a checkered history of repairs. We decided to replace it. We had bought our house barely a year before and we knew that we would have to buy a new one at some point, although it happened more quickly than we thought. During our first winter, we experienced high temperature variation in the house, very hot in the basement and very cold in the upper floors. As a result of the research we did, we discovered that we had inadequate ducting. The house had been expanded and renovated a few times during its 100 year history, but it seems that the duct work was never redesigned properly for a 3000 square foot house (3 floors plus finished basement). In addition, there was only 1 air return on the main floor, for the entire house!

We asked 4 companies to bid on the installation of a new furnace. Craig from Belyea Brothers was by far the most upfront and most thorough in explaining the best we could aspire too, given the fact that we did not want to rip walls out and redo duct work. He was the only one to tell us that our current furnace capacity was not high enough for the size of the house. We needed a 100K BTUs furnace, not 80K. Unlike others, he did not recommend a more expensive variable speed furnace but a fixed speed one, so that the amount of hot air to the upper floors be maximized when the furnace was on. He also recommended an additional air return in the basement, which could be easily installed without a mess, on the outside wall of the furnace room. After thinking it through and researching the recommended Daikin furnace, we decided to hire Belyea Brothers for the work, even though they were not the cheapest. We also decided to replace the old air conditioner with a new one from the same make.

As in many older houses, our furnace room was very cramped, so the installation was not easy. The installers, Bryan and Julio were obviously very skilled and did the work efficiently and cleanly over 2 entire days. The existing inflow and outflow pipes were 2 inch and had to be replaced with 3 inch pipes, since they were not large enough for the new furnace to “breath” properly. Therefore, the pipes had to be re-routed. This was done without significant loss of space in the furnace room and no additional cost. Because this was not a “plain vanilla” installation, we asked a lot of questions during the work. We found Bryan and Julio very responsive, detail oriented in their explanations, and unfailingly courteous.

So far, we are very pleased with our new furnace. There is still some temperature variation but it is minor. The furnace is extremely quiet and, even though we try to pay attention, we can’t hear it. We can’t report on the functioning of the air conditioner yet of course, but if it’s like the furnace, it’ll be a good experience. We have no hesitation in recommending Belyea Brothers, especially to those home owners who face the same sort of problems we did. 10/10
Approximate cost of services:


Ray Gribeauval from Toronto


I am a property manager, and I use Belyea for our bigger plumbing projects. Our most recent project was changing the mixing valves on the hot water tanks in our buildings to stop the water from switching between very hot and super cold while someone was in the shower. Con was super helpful and knowledgeable, he gave us good advice and got the work done quickly. The price was good too. We will continue to use them for our plumbing needs.

Michelle from Toronto

Furnace Service And Repair

I wish I had found Belyea Bros. years ago. Living in a 90 year old house with a boiler and radiators is a treat when all works well, but if you need maintenance or repairs, I would strongly recommend these guys over any other company. They are really knowledgeable about the whole system, reasonably priced, efficient, prompt, and available to answer questions when deciding on the best course of action (and very patient in that regard!). Thank you guys.
Approximate cost of services:


Lucy Harris from Etobicoke, ON

Air Conditioner Installation, Furnace Service

Belyea Bros installed a ductless air conditioning unit on the second level of our home. They were the only company who recommended installing it in a more difficult, but better, location for overall air-flow. They were very professional and did a great job with the installation. We’ve also had Belyea Bros do general maintenance on our furnace. Great job, Belyea Bros!
Approximate cost of services:


Kate from Old Toronto

Boiler Service

We have been Belyea customers for over 15 years. They have been maintaining our boiler and furnace and split duct air conditioning system for years. Our boiler system was due for it’s annual maintenance inspection in December. On the first snowy, cold night of the season before the inspection, the furnace stopped functioning. We placed a service call and were delighted when we were told a service tech would be at our door the same evening. Deo arrived and quickly and efficiently diagnosed and repaired the problem. We enjoyed a warm and comfortable night! Deo has looked after us before and we hope he will again. His pleasant and efficient manner is very much appreciated. Keep up the good work!
Approximate cost of services:


Peter from Toronto

Installation Of New Gas Furnace

The installers, Bryan and Julio were terrific. They really knew their work. They gave me clear answers and directions; they were pleasant and courteous. I am truly impressed. They get a TEN. In fact, we have been dealing with Belyea for years and I would not hesitate to recommend this company.
Approximate cost of services:


Nora Wallner from Toronto

Furnace Repairs

I was experiencing major problems with my Lochinvar Knight Heater. This is a very new, expensive, complicated hybrid electronic heating and hot water combo. I had already called two other (“cheaper”) repairmen, one of which was certified by Lochinvar. Neither of their repairs lasted more than three months. Finally, I called Belyea Bros, who appeared to be the best option in my neighborhood. They were professional – someone answered the phone right away and made an appointment, and the technician made it here on time!!

The guy they sent clearly knew the unit well, and quickly diagnosed that the motherboard had to be replaced. He made minor adjustments so that we would have heat and hot water while we waited for the part to come in. I was so impressed with his level of service and expertise, I arranged for him to service our Air Conditioning units on his next visit, while he was installing the heater’s motherboard!
Again, they weren’t the cheapest option to begin with, but if I had only called Belyea Bros to begin with, we would have saved money, not having to get it repaired multiple times.

I was so happy, I set up an annual service contract with them. If you’re one of those who would rather pay someone knowledgeable to get the job done properly, these are the guys to call!
Approximate cost of services:


Aydin Turgay in North York

Loft Renovation

We couldn’t have been more satisfied with the way our renovation was handled by Belyea Bros. with David Boyle at the helm; his team of fine craftspeople, good products, excellent service, and most importantly, good communication. The reno was done in a very timely manner, according to all the planning that was done…issues were dealt with and any changes in financial matters were clarified immediately and fairly. Site supervisor, Peter Cein was meticulous in overseeing the quality of work, whether by others or himself. We would highly recommend this great team of people and this company to anyone contemplating a renovation or repair of any kind. ‘Integrity’ is the word that comes to mind when summarizing what they represent. Our reno is gorgeous and the quality superb…
Approximate cost of services:


Joanne & Steve Quinn from Toronto

New Furnace Installation

Huge thanks to Belyea Brothers for a superb job in installing our excellent new furnace! We were greatly impressed by the quality of service provided at every stage of the process, and would recommend Belyea unreservedly! The kindness, courtesy and expertise of Bruce, Bryan and Julio deserve special mention here. Great work all around!
Approximate cost of services:


Brian from Toronto

Replace Furnace

We recently purchased a new high-efficiency furnace from Belyea Bros. We were impressed with the sales consultant who came to our house. He was patient, thorough and polite. Then the installer, Christian, did a meticulous job of putting in the new furnace. He was very knowledgeable about the product and the building codes and happily answered any questions we had. His final check was very thorough. We were left with a feeling of full confidence in the service we were given and the service we can expect in the future. No wonder the company has been in business so long! We would recommend Belyea Brothers to anyone looking for considerate and courteous service and the reliability of an A+ company.
Approximate cost of services:


A.Weisberg from Toronto, A satisfied North York ON homeowner.

Tankless Hot Water Heater

We recently had a tankless hot water heater installed. Steve came out to provide an estimate to explain the process as well as the operation of the unit. The installers came as expected on time ready to work. There was a glitch in the install relating to the venting of the unit. They worked through the issues and completed the install on time. We were treated very well though the process, all questions were answered in understandable ways. The install very well done, staff removed the existing tank to the side yard for pick up and cleaned the work area better than they found it. All in all we are very happy to have used Belyea Brothers for this installation.

Mr Peter Leiss in East York, ON

Boiler Piping / Heating System

David was wonderful. He came within a couple of days of our call, assessed the (annoyingly complicated) heating problem in our house when everyone else we called seemed baffled and, frankly, frightened. His guys replaced our pipes and wonderful, brand new and perfectly functioning rads and pipes in exactly the time allotted and on budget. We couldn’t be happier and would recommend Belyea Bros to anyone.
Approximate cost of services:


Carolyn from East York, ON

Furnace Service

Technician came promptly and fixed the problem quite quickly. He was courteous, knowledgeable and explained exactly what the problem was. I would highly recommend Belyea Bros. for any furnace installation and/or service work to friends and family. Great company!

Steve Stewart from Scarborough, ON

Boiler Repair

The Belyea technician, Anthony, did a fine job of repairing a worn valve in my boiler system. He very professional in his work, courteous hours, and left my premises in a very tidy state. I was most pleased with his work. Certainly would recommend Belyea Bros. Limited.
Approximate cost of services:


NTI Combo Boiler & Domestic Hot Water Install

The Belyea crew did a very neat & meticulously engineered install of a NTI Trinity TX151 combination boiler and hot water system in a 90+ year old house. Our considerations for the install location and layout were willingly met. Great care was taken during the install to keep the work area clean and avoid any collateral damage. Clean up at the end and attitude of the crew were excellent.
Approximate cost of services:


Paul from Toronto

Viessmann Boiler And Hot Water Install And Old System Removal

When it came to replacing our oil burner we went directly to Belyea Bros. Having used them in the past for ductless air conditioners I knew we would get what we needed. David Frost gave us the information we needed to make an informed decision, Belyea arranged for the removal of the old oil tank and boiler (and they did a great job!) and then Petar and Vojka came in and did the Viessmann boiler and on-demand hot water system installation. Petar and Vojka were simply amazing. Not only did they do the job, but they listened to our concerns and requirements and took those into account with the new install and connection to our existing radiator circulation system. We have been enjoying the endless hot water all summer and are really looking forward to the system to heat our home this winter. From start to finish it was a great experience and Petar and Vojka made the job worry free for us. Thanks from Leslieville!
Approximate cost of services:


Robert in Leslieville from Toronto

Air Conditioning

This summer we had Belyea Bros. install a new air conditioner in our home. We chose Belyea for the job because we had a very good experience with them 5 years ago when we purchased a high-efficiency furnace through them. From David Frost, the sales rep, to the installers and the folks in the office, everyone was courteous and attentive to our questions and concerns. During the installation, the Belyea guys were careful to create no mess whatsoever in our house. From start to finish it was a positive experience. Yes, we would recommend them to our friends our family, or to you.

Bob McArthur from Toronto

Repair to leak in Rinnai Hot Water Heating System

We had great service from Belyea Bros. Anthony came and fixed a leak at the flow switch on our Rinnai tankless hot water heating system. He arrived on time, was professional and courteous, and answered all of our questions about our heating system. We are now planning to use Belyea Bros for our future annual heating and cooling maintenance.
Approximate cost of services:


Batya Levy from Scarborough | Aug 04, 2014

Baxi Boiler Service

Belyea installed our BAXI Luna HT 380 Furnace/ hot Water Heater about 5 years ago. We recently had Enbridge replacing gas meters & it knocked out our hot water. We called Edward at Belyea, he was great & had Zahid come out within the hour to fix the problem. Great company & customer service. I hope Edward & Zahid get a raise & promotion for making Belyea Brothers the best !!!
Approximate cost of services:


Kathy from Toronto | Aug 01, 2014

New Furnace-new Air Conditioning

Our house was built in 1926 and we have lived in it for the past 25 years, and are hoping to live here for a lot longer. I am very fussy and neurotic about the interior and the thought of getting a new furnace and a new A/C at the same time caused my to delay the project year after year. Last month my wife and I decided to take the plunge. We called Belyea Bros and Steve Gilmore consulted with us on the project. It was over in a flash, as if nothing had happened. We cannot recommend this company any higher after our magnificent experience with them. Particularly to people who are similarly worried about their house. It could not have gone better. And the best part was how the company responded to a concern with a small detail I had – it was fixed the next day. The highest compliments to Steve Gilmore and Belyea Brothers!
Approximate cost of services:


Dr. Till Davy from Toronto | Jul 30, 2014

Indirect Water Heater and Boiler System Update

I was extremely pleased with my experience with Belyea Brothers. My neighbor recommended them to me, as he has been a customer for years. During the consultation phase, David was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and responsive to my questions. With his suggestions, we arrived at a very efficient and cost effective solution to my needs. The scheduling phase of the work was very accommodating to my needs which was greatly appreciated as we had a baby on the way. The installation team were very kind, friendly and polite. My wife and I were very comfortable having them in our home. They ensured the worksite was cleaned at the end of each day and the final layout looks *great*. David also supported a few questions I had during installation to ensure my needs were met. Overall, I am very happy with Belyea Brothers, and they have definitely earned my repeat business. HVAC is a major system in anyone’s home and it is important to have confidence in the company you hire. I would recommend Belyea Brother’s without a moment’s hesitation.
Approximate cost of services:


Kevin in Bloor West Village | Jul 25, 2014

Completely new Attic based AC system in older Toronto Style Home

This was not a simple AC condenser unit change. This was the removal of a useless ductless ac system and the installation of a completely new attic based AC system, ducts and all, in an older detached 2 story Toronto style home. We’ve been in our home for 5 years and settling for what cooling we had with the ductless unit. After having our 2nd child we decided we had enough. We needed to properly cool our home and I got sick of buying fans. Knowing what we wanted would not be cheap we called on multiple HVAC companies. In the end we decided to go with Belyea bros; and are glad that we did. From Steve Gilmore, our sales consultant, to Roman and his crew they were on time, informative, experienced, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. We felt comfortable throughout the entire process and at no time felt like we were being taken. Roman and his crew came in and did a fantastic job, they were clean, fast but detailed, and the system works great and cosmetically everything looks very good. They were also very clean with their work. Overall we were extremely pleased with the work and would easily use them again – and will. I have no issue at all recommending them; especially with older Toronto style homes.
Approximate cost of services:


A.K.A. from Toronto | Jul 09, 2014

Viessmann Boiler, pipe replacement; hot water service

Starting with an assessment by David Frost and continuing through to completion with Peter, Vojka, Richard and Andrew, the project proposed by Belyea Bros. was excellently conceived and executed. I have already begun to see savings on my heating bills. I highly recommend Belyea Bros. for heating, especially for older homes.
Approximate cost of services:


David Surplis from Toronto | Jun 04, 2014

Hot Water Radiator Replacement

David Graeme, President, visited my home, identified the issues in replacing radiators, provided accurate costing and orchestrated the project to my great satisfaction. The work was clean, professional and on time. I have signed an annual furnace contract and will continue to employ Belyea Brothers for all my hot water heating and cooling needs. Thank you Belyea Brothers!
Approximate cost of services:


Torch in North Toronto | May 05, 2014

Installing new boiler furnace/water heater system

We had a great experience with Belyea Bros. They put in a new boiler furnace/ water heater in January and completed the job quickly (two days) and professionally. They removed the old furnace for a reasonable fee, unlike some companies who quoted much higher prices. Their staff were very professional, polite and cleaned up at the end of each day. We have had the furnace in for almost three months now and it works great. I would highly recommend their services to family and friends. Their customer service, we dealt with Craig, he was excellent and they are friendly and very easy to work with.

Angela, East York | Apr 16, 2014

HVAC Service

The best. Good product. Good people. Good work. Good support. Replaced the old one and even fixed issues that were left from that one. They are our go-to for all HVAC now.
Approximate cost of services:


Mr. K From Greektown | Feb 21, 2014

New Furnace

I call Belyea Bros for a new furnace based on recommendations from friends. Everyone from the person who took my call, to the technician who diagnosed our problem to the install crew were very professional, courteous and helpful…not to mention that the furniture suggested by the sales crew has improved the overall heat in our house.
Approximate cost of services:


ER from Drayton | Feb 20, 2014, Toronto

Replacing heating system

I have been experiencing trouble with my heating for two seasons. Finally I called someone, who diagnosed the problem with the water heater that was supplying both in-floor heating and domestic hot water. He gave me three different solutions to solve the problem and to upgrade the system. This person was a very nice thoughtful guy. My neighbors convinced me to ask for another quote. The second small company, again reliable people gave me a completely different solution. So, I realized, you get these honest quotes on what the actual company can do best, not necessarily what the best solution is for your house. Another neighbor just had a complex system installed by Belyea, so I called them. Craig from Belyea has put in quite some thought into designing a system that would fit our ideas and the house. Craig called us the day prior to the planned job in the wake of a fresh severe weather warning and advised against starting something on the Tuesday that would have left us for three days with only electric heaters in <<-20. He had us house rescheduled on the coming Monday. Andrew and Richard did an excellent job in executing the job in crammed places in the basement, while keeping everything neat and clean. I would recommend Belyea to anyone without hesitation, and will certainly have them service the heating in the future. Approximate cost of services:


Elod in Toronto | Feb 15, 2014

Emergency Furnace Replacement

During the ice storm in Dec, 2013 my home caught fire. We had to move out and let the cleanup crew do their job. Two weeks into the project my furnace failed while I was out of town. My niece had used Belyea Bros to replace her furnace so I called and set up the appointment to assess the situation. Work had stopped on my house as the workers couldn’t function at 2 degrees Celsius. Thankfully David Frost and his team found a great replacement furnace and installed it two days later. He explained to our insurance company why the previous furnace failed prematurely so that they may consider including it in the fire claim damages and they instructed us to protect the new furnace from drywall dust during the renovation as this will damage it and shorten it’s life expectancy. They really know their business and I’m thankful they responded so quickly. As an insurance broker, I’ll certainly recommend them to clients
Approximate cost of services:


Carol Mellor from North York | Jan 31, 2014

Electric baseboard heating converted to Viessmann boiler, radiators and indirect tank

The house had been heated entirely by baseboard electric heaters and was costing a fortune. Only Belyea responded and estimated promptly and handled all aspects of this complex job. They installed rads in each room plus Veissmann Vitodens 100 boiler with Veissmann Vitocell indirect tank. All work was done on time and within budget and overseen with constant feedback and communication by Craig Hood. I recommend Belyea Brothers without hesitation.
Approximate cost of services:


Michael G MacConnell from Toronto | Jan 29, 2014

Rinnai Tankless, Air Handler, A/C

We recently come to terms with replacing our furnace and air conditioner as the furnace was 25 years old and the A/C was at least 20. We were also exploring the options of going to a tankless hot water heater to free up some space in our crammed furnace room. Craig, the company’s system consultant came to our house to explain the options. He proposed that since we were changing the furnace and looking at tankless, that we should consider a Rinnai combined system. This meant that the tankless would heat an air handler, rather than a furnace and that we would only have one piece of equipment to vent out the wall. The concept was foreign to us, but after being explained to on how it would work, it made the most sense for our home. When it came to deciding on an A/C, we chose a Keeprite side discharge model that was mounted to our exterior wall. we didn’t have a lot of space in the backyard, so getting it off the ground was a great option. Our new A/C is also so much more quiet than our old one! Overall, the installers (Mike, Julio, Petar and Vojka) we on time, professional and tidy. They took every care to ensure that their work was neat and explained what they were doing throughout the process. Our house heats up more evenly than it ever did and we no long run out of hot water! We couldn’t be happier with Belyea Bros. and would recommend them to anyone!!
Approximate cost of services:


C.Hill from Toronto | Jan 28, 2014

Navien combination boiler

After a recent basement renovation we received an Enbridge warning tag on our water heater. I reviewed my options for Enbridge approved partners and decided to give Belyea Bros. a call. I had heard the name before so it seemed like a solid option. I was contacted immediately to setup a time with their Systems Consultant. At the inspection I was appraised of my options. Since the original configuration was not up to code if they touched anything it meant the water heater would need to be decommissioned. The original configuration wasn’t optimum anyway to heat the in-floor heating and our two bathrooms. The recommendation was to get a Navien combination boiler which was very ergonomic fitting snugly into the space where we had our furnace and water heater. And, it would power everything easily. This option made the most sense since the water heater was coming to term anyway and would need to be replaced. To help us with the installation, Belyea helped us to secure payment plan which made the up front cost much more manageable. I would work with them again and I highly recommend them. They are very professional, honest and quick. The area was cleaned up very nicely and the old talk removed.
Approximate cost of services:


Ian Giles from Toronto | Jan 27, 2014

Furnace installation

I was in dire straits on Monday when Zahid punctually arrived from Belyea Brothers to service an ailing furnace that I nursed through the weekend. The water condensate was leaking through a crack between the exhaust fan and the secondary heat exchanger compartment. At that point, we couldn’t nurse it back to life. Rather than take a chance on out-of-warranty costly repairs that might not extend its already long life for much longer, I opted for a furnace replacement. They didn’t have a Trane high efficiency furnace in stock to replace mine, so ordering one and scheduling the installation would be Thursday. I was now in more dire straits facing no heat for 3 days in mid-December! A long story short, they were able to rearrange their installation schedule for me and my elderly mother and Beverley from their front office brought us out 3 ceramic heaters to help us through 2 days of a cold house. The heaters were much appreciated. Wednesday arrived and I was ecstatic to see Mike & Julio punctually arrive to replace the furnace. What a perfectly tuned HVAC team. Extremely professional, courteous, and delightful guys. They worked so knowledgeably and efficiently, it was like watching a well-oiled, high-quality, precision Swiss watch at work. I’m a very curious sort of bloke that has no fear asking questions. They were eager and willing to answer my questions. That was an excellent learning experience for me. Mike especially took the time to explain what the safety check was all about, showed me what everything was and how it worked, and showed me test results that indicated my new furnace was operating at 97.7% efficiency. WOW! Mike also took the time to show me how to connect the wiring in a new thermostat that I’m considering to DIY-install to replace an old mercury-switch type. I did research on a number of HVAC companies, and it was the comments from others that prompted me to deal with Belyea Brothers. That is extremely important to me. I felt my costs were reasonable and I have no qualms paying for trustworthy, high quality service that I discovered Belyea Brothers truly provide. I unabashedly consider Belyea Brothers a 10 out of 10 company, staffed by people who truly care about high-quality service and your repeat business.

R. Kalesnykas from Toronto | Dec 11, 2013

Boiler issue and maintenance

Our radiators weren’t working properly and the pipes were making a terrible sound within the walls. We were worried that we would have to replace the furnace. Prior to calling Belyea Bros., we called another service company that didn’t even call us back after a call and two messages. Belyea Bros. were great as they listened to our problems and suggested a few shooting techniques with me over the phone, first call. They were reassuring and very informative even with an ancient system such as ours. John arrived within the timeframe given, had a very positive attitude and didn’t try to sell us a new system we couldn’t afford. He had the part he needed for the job with him and fixed what was wrong quickly and efficiently. We now have heat, a quiet system and the comfort of knowing that our future furnace maintenance will be handled by a reliable company. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Belyea Bros.
Approximate cost of services:


Victoria Taylor in Toronto | Dec 08, 2013

Oil to natural gas heating

I have seen Belyea’s trucks in our neighborhood for decades and they were an obvious company to turn to when it came time to move from oil heating to natural gas. I initially spoke to a very knowledgeable gentleman named David, and was then visited by Craig, who did a thorough examination of our house and its heating requirements before recommending the equipment options. The furnace we selected was installed over two days, with a team of four also adding a new radiator in the basement and removing our old electric water heater. The installation job was done professionally, with all the members of the installation team answering questions courteously when we asked them. The new unit has been working perfectly for several weeks now. Our basement was left clean and dry.
Approximate cost of services:


George Goodwin from Toronto | Dec 04, 2013

Combi Boiler/Hot Water Heater

I interviewed three companies before settling on Belyea Bros to install a new combination boiler and hot water heater. Craig, the company representative was extremely knowledgeable about older homes, and very clear in his presentation, unlike the other two companies I interviewed. The installers were extremely efficient, explained what they had done in detail, including some work cleaning up a botched installation job by a previous company. I couldn’t be more impressed with the whole experience, especially given the poor service I have received from other companies.

Approximate cost of services:


Helen Cameron from Toronto | Nov 25, 2013

New Furnace & Central Air Conditioner

Every point of contact was pleasant and professional. They won my trust early and never lost it. Only great things to say about the consultant Bruce, the installer Mike and everyone else involved. Couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Greg in Toronto | Nov 20, 2013

Trane XC95 with XR16 AC & Nexia Control

Craig Hood from Belyea Bros met us on time at our new home to discuss a new furnace, a/c and a water heater. Craig was very knowledgeable and his quote was more competitive than the big companies. Angelo and Christian arrived when they were supposed to and their work was meticulous completed when they said, they cleaned up and patiently explained how to operate our new systems. Well done!

Approximate cost of services:


Ian Boake from Toronto | Nov 11, 2013

NTI High Efficiency Boiler Installation

Craig Hood, salesman, visited my house to provide an estimate. He was on-time, courteous, and informative. For example, he told me the reason my oil furnace was not heating my house in a balanced way was because the water pump was installed incorrectly so that it circulated water to only half my house with the rest of my rads getting only convection circulation! He recommended the proper furnace for my house. Installation was by Petar and his colleague. He was magnificent. He is knowledgeable, a very skilled plumber and most importantly to me, was honest and careful with my house. It was a pleasure having him work in my house. Small snag as the pump they installed had a vibration in it. But I called Belyea and without question replaced the pump and the new one works beautifully. Plus I now have heat in all my radiators!!! I am extremely grateful to Belyea for providing high quality work at a very fair price. Gary.

Approximate cost of services:


Gary Bryck from Toronto | Oct 28, 2013

Installation of Carrier High Efficiency Furnace

At our daughter’s recommendation, we purchased a Carrier furnace from David Frost at Belyea. Mike and Julio arrived as scheduled, installed the furnace and thermostat, cleaned up, explained how it worked. Professionalism and courtesy marked every detail of the purchase. Well done Belyea!

Approximate cost of services:


Joanne Goldberg in Toronto | Oct 24, 2013

Furnace replacement

Thank you Belyea Bros. and to three of your HVAC technicians who worked on repairing (Zahid Sattaur), and eventually installing (Mike Kehoe & Julio Roman) a new furnace system. They were very pleasant, professional and respectful. Kept me informed as to what was taking place very mindful indeed. Both Mike and Julio did a superb job at cleaning up! I would recommend them in a heartbeat! Thank you Belyea Bros Ltd for such great service. I am a very pleased customer.

Judy Sukhu | Oct 15, 2013

Furnace Servicing

The technician showed up on time, was very knowledgeable, explained everything and was reasonably priced. He wore little shoe covers too which was nice to keep our house clean! I appreciated him walking me through the check-list after servicing our furnace and will be using Belyea Brothers again next year.

Approximate cost of services:


Stephanie from Toronto | Oct 07, 2013

Furnace ‘check up’

The HVAC technician, Deo Ramsahoye, was extremely professional, respectful and thorough. We have used Belyea for years; today’s experience was the best so far and the bar was set high! I recommend Belyea to anyone who needs to consult with the best in furnace or air conditioning expertise.

Approximate cost of services:


Judy from Toronto | Oct 02, 2013

Installation of Viessmann Combi Boiler

We live in an old building in Cabbagetown and had an older model combi boiler from a different manufacturer that was working intermittently. In fact, Belyea’s service department had probably kept the old boiler going a couple of years longer than anyone would expect. Every once in awhile the domestic hot water would stop working, so we decided to be pre-emptive and replace the boiler this past spring so we were sure about our domestic hot water, and knew that we weren’t going to suddenly have to replace the boiler in the middle of the winter. The installation was complicated because the building is a very old concrete structure, and involved working on three different levels. From the first assessment of this complex job, through to the installation by Andrew, Richard, Petar and Vojka, Belyea Bros delivered fabulous service. We were just getting used to having a 3 month old baby at home during the installation process, and the guys were sensitive to making noise (as much as they could), cleaned up every day, and generally tried to make a difficult process as easy as possible. I have seen a boiler installed in a friend’s home by another company that looks like a rats nest of pipes. Even I can tell the difference when I look at the straight lines, and attention to detail from the Belyea installers. We have had the system in place now for 7 months, and the performance is phenomenal. Anyone considering installing a Viessmann boiler should be talking to the very skilled team at Belyea Bros.

Approximate cost of services:


Margaret from Cabbagetown | Sep 26, 2013

Installation of High Efficiency Boiler & Water Heater in an Older Home

We chose Belyea Bros based on very positive reviews and we were delighted with our decision. Steve Gilmore arrived on time for every meeting with us, explained various options clearly, was professional at all times and a pleasure to deal with. He also came to the house again on the first day of installation and spent time going over all the details with his crew. Dan and Chris, who did all the installing, were skilled, very professional and a pleasure to have in the house. We look forward to using Belyea Bros again and recommend them highly.

Approximate cost of services:


Wanda Nowakowska from Toronto | Sep 07, 2013

Annual Boiler Maintenance

Thanks very much to Zahid for a job well done. Zahid is very pleasant, patient and gladly answers any questions I have about maintaining my boiler. Zahid is a real asset to Belyea Brothers and I will ask for him again next year.

Approximate cost of services:


Christine in Toronto | Sep 06, 2013

Install New Carrier Central Air Conditioner

Mike and Julio came on time…worked diligently on the installation. In a very cramped space. Excellent communication and explained to me how the system works I am 100% please with the result

Approximate cost of services:


Lynn Ross from Toronto | Sep 05, 2013

Central Air Conditioner and Electronic Air Cleaner Service

One has to be smart to choose the right contractor from the service pool of many who are only too willing offer mediocre service. Belyea Bros offers the customer service that homeowners seek when they need to call on a professional repair technician. Deo Ramsahoye arrived on time, presented himself as honest, ethical, and knowledgeable. He provided me with the best customer service of any air conditioning specialist I have had in my home. My annual maintenance checks will be handled by Deo in the future. Thank you very much, Deo, for a job well done.

Approximate cost of services:


Justin Stornelli in Thornhill | Sep 01, 2013

New Rental Hot Water Tank & Backflow Preventer

I am very satisified with Belyea Bros service. They have installed a ductless air conditioner, new hot water rads and today a new rental hot water tank. All the people who were here were very personable, prompt , professional and tidy with their work, a pleasure to deal with. The personal touch was appreciated. I will definitely hire them again for any future needs and wholeheartedly recommend Belyea.

Approximate cost of services:


Cheryl Bannier from East York | Aug 30, 2013

New Payne High Efficiency Furnace

My real estate agent recommended Belyea Bros to me & I’m so thankful. During a heat wave, my AC didn’t come on, but the problem was the furnace. Bruce, the salesperson, was prompt in providing me a quote & also told me of an energy saving rebate. The installers, Mike & Julio, were great. They did an excellent job. Overall, I’m very impressed with Belyea Bros & would recommend them to anyone. I’m glad my new furnace & future business is with them. Thanks!

Approximate cost of services:


Dee Dee MacArthur from Toronto | Aug 29, 2013

Slant/Fin Boiler and Ductless A/C Annual Maintenance

I’d like to thank and recognize Zahid for not only his expertise in maintaining our boiler and air conditioning units but also for his very pleasant personality and customer service skills. He fulfills every aspect of a customer service representative and, unlike so many others today, truly understands the meaning of service. Once again, I have requested that he personally come to maintain our furnace and a/c; he is a true expert and a very nice person who respects our home and is a pleasure to deal with. I would also like to thank Beverley for her lovely telephone manner and all of her help in not only arranging this year’s appointments but also in explaining how these services could easily be added to our Enbridge billing. Belyea Bros. should be very proud of these two employees. Approximate cost of services:


Jane Crotin from Toronto | Aug 28, 2013

Baxi Boiler Repair & Service

I have a Baxi Luna on-demand water heater and boiler that came with the house. I have had a lot of issues with it since I bought the house 4 years ago, and when the original installer advised me to replace it, I started to do some web research. Eventually, I found Belyea online and called them to come and give me a quote for a new boiler. They offered instead to send a technician to assess the system and see whether I really needed to replace it, since it is only 10 years old. After the technician’s visit, David Graeme called me to follow up on the recommendations. He ended up coming over, and after looking at the system himself told me that the boiler itself was great, but because it had not been properly installed in the first place it was aging prematurely. Instead of replacing, he recommended that they re-install the piping, and put in an auto-feed and backflow. He said that the piping work could remain in when I eventually replace the boiler, which should have another 5 years or so. He explained everything in thorough and patient detail and I enjoyed our conversation. The installers ran into some frustrations because the boiler is in a very tight space, but unlike the previous company’s technicians, they were always very polite and courteous. It is too early for me to tell if their work was successful as the heating is not on yet, but I enjoyed our transaction and appreciated their honesty in not selling me a boiler I didn’t need.

Approximate cost of services:


Natalie in Toronto | Aug 26, 2013

Carrier Central Air Conditioning Unit With Difficult Installation

I moved into a fairly new townhouse a year ago and needed to install a new unit on the roof. The roof had no access, so ladders and a crane needed to be used which was not easy for the workers. The truck and the two workers were at the house and ready to go at the time stipulated. Two young gentlemen, Angelo and Christian, came to install the unit, they were professional, very polite and very hard working. Both worked very hard all day and cleaned up so everything was left neat and tidy. You are very lucky to have such great workers who care about what they are doing and who obviously take pride in what they do. I would not even consider using anyone else in this field. Congratulations to your company for finding such great and reliable young gentlemen who take pride in what they do, it is so often lacking in today’s trades. Well done Angelo and Christian!

Approximate cost of services:


Agnes Sullivan from Markham | Aug 18, 2013

Replacement of Central Air Conditioning Unit with Carrier

I was very pleased with the service provided by Belyea Brothers in replacement of a new air conditioning unit. The original technician was very informative with respect to outlining my options of repair verses replacement. Left a detailed estimate of both options. Once we decided to go with a new unit, the office staff were helpful with organizing the next appointment. This service was very timely. The day of the installing, I received a call prior to arrival of technicians to let me know they were on their way. Upon arrival, they placed tarps everywhere in my home that they needed access to, which I appreciated very much. They were friendly, informative as to what they would be doing. Very polite. They were finished within the expected time frame given to me earlier and they cleaned up after themselves. They explained the bill in detail again and walked me through any information I needed to be aware of with respect to the repair and the work completed. I was very happy with the overall experience. Lovely technicians both for the first appointment and the final installation.

Cheryl Pennock from Old Toronto | Aug 15, 2013

Carrier Central Air Conditioning In A Very Old House

I cannot say enough good about Belyea Brothers: from the salesperson to the installers. I had called several other companies all of whom said I couldn’t get air conditioning because my furnace room had no drain and I had only one cold air return. Belyea did my neighbours home so I had them come here. They were thorough, knowledgable, courteous, honest and simply fantastic in every way. Even though I was told I would probably have some plastic pipes on top of my drywall, once here, the installers took the time and figured out a way to install everything underneath the drywall so nothing was showing. They took their time, explained what they were doing, were neat, cleaned up after themselves and were very courteous. I wish all contractors could be like Belyea. I fully recommend them.

Approximate cost of services:


Lorraine Deska from Old Toronto | Aug 14, 2013

Conversion from Oil Heating to Natural Gas Boiler (Including Removal and New Installation)

Excellent! Completely efficient, professional, knowledgeable and clean. Andrew was amazing – he really knew his stuff; and spent time walking us through the house to show us exactly what had been done. He was extremely respectful of the stone outer wall when doing the venting, from ensuring it was placed right, to patching and maintaining the esthetic of the home from outside as well as inside. From removal to complete installation, it was seamless.

Approximate cost of services:


Brenda from Toronto | Aug 07, 2013

New Viessmann Vitodens 100 Combination Boiler Installation

Excellent work very competent and friendly installers. Very clean and smooth installation. This is the second job done by Belyea for us. We also had Air conditioning done a month prior. That good experience led us to call again for the next job.

Approximate cost of services:


Allan Lappin from East York | Jul 31, 2013

Installation of 2 Floor Mount Mitsubishi Ductless Heat Pumps/Air Conditioners

We purchased 2 floor units with an exterior compressor. Our house has never been so comfortable! They are quiet and so efficient. Expensive yes but so worth the investment. Plus the team at Belyea Bros were such a pleasure to deal with.

Approximate cost of services:


Jennifer Walker from Old Toronto | Jul 25, 2013

Old Air Conditioner Replaced with Carrier Central AC

I was very impressed with Mike & Julio. They were professional, personable and knowledgeable. The service call was placed on Friday and the work was done the following Monday. I highly recommend Belyea Brothers services.

Approximate cost of services:


Angela Stevens from Old Toronto | Jul 22, 2013

New Carrier Central Air Conditioner
Good friends of ours from around the corner had their house air conditioner fail on a day when the outside temperature was hovering around 35C. One of them has above average difficulty with the heat. They asked if I could help locate options for a new unit and I asked if they wanted to include Belyea Bros who we had used successfully for service on our furnace the previous Fall. After calling a couple of contractors they knew of I called Belyea and Phillip was able to provide a phone quote and juggle schedules to arrange an installation. Despite a backlog of calls David came right away to the house to sign the paperwork, and Mike and Julio arrived promptly the next morning to install a new unit. Both technicians worked through their lunch and diagnosed a faulty thermostat in addition to the failed AC. A real team effort. Both ladies in the home were extremely relieved and pleased to have such a prompt and professional response from Belyea. The old unit was removed and the inside and outside areas left clean. While no one wants to suffer from the heat, what Belyea Bros did for our neighbours made a huge difference in their lives.

Approximate cost of services:


David Reid from Scarborough | Jul 19, 2013

Installation of Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioning

In addition to being thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and quality of work at the time of installation, we can also rave about the relief this has provided in this intensely hot summer. Although we have the smaller unit, and it is only mid-July, the unit has been worth every cent especially in removing the majority of the humidity and cooling the entire house. Not ice cold, but comfortable. And true to our rep’s word, when running it is QUIET! Quite a difference from the portable monster we had used previously. Salesman David Frost was helpful, honest and knowledgable and at no time did we feel pressured into purchasing. So absolutely we recommend Belyea Bros and also the Mr. Slim unit. It may cost more than you might have thought but it is a great investment that actually works.

Approximate cost of services:


Donna Reid from York | Jul 16, 2013

Furnace Fan Motor Replacement

The team at Belyea was courteous, concerned and dealt with our problem as quickly as they could. Elaine did all she could to provide a technician as early as possible in this heat wave and Anthony was professional, respectful and punctual. David was able to provide a quote before Anthony had even left our home! The whole experience was a pleasure. Thanks to all.

Approximate cost of services:


Deborah Curran from Old Toronto | Jul 16, 2013

Carrier Air Conditioner

Belyea was very prompt in replacing our old air conditioner in the middle of a heat wave. After careful investigation, Anthony carefully explained our options: repair the old one or purchase a new one. Joe – the sales rep outlined in detail our choices. Angelo and Cristian installed the unit and explained the steps to us as they proceeded. All of the men were polite, friendly and willing to explain every detail. Great service from Belyea!

Approximate cost of services:


Mel and Elaine Snider from East York | Jun 28, 2013

2nd Mitsubishi Ductless A/C Unit from Belyea

We have purchased 2 ductless A/C units for our home. 1st one installed on the main floor July 2012. 2nd one installed May 2013. Excellent service both times. This includes the in home visit by Bruce Philp for the estimate and the installation process by their 2 man crew. We found it affordable and units are super quiet. No problems with either unit and it works as advertised, we are in cool air bliss. We are already using less electricity than last year, as we had fans set up everywhere and window A/C unit that was loud. Best to have the units working in our split level home. Installation was very professional and cleaned up after themselves. I told my friends and neighbours and won’t hesitate to recommend Beylea Brothers. We will sign them on to do our heating checklist for the fall. 🙂 Thanks again, from Lisa & Tony

Lisa Paul in East york | Jun 21, 2013

Ductless A/C Unit Cleaning & Maintenance

I had 4 ductless A/C units cleaned today. John McQuaid phoned ahead to give his estimated time of arrival. John showed up on time, was very respectful and polite. John gave me a detailed explanation for one of the A/C units which would require more work and why. I made an informed decision, thanks to John, as to how I should proceed. I recommend Belyea Brothers as I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years and have received excellent and professional care for 90 percent of the time.

Approximate cost of services:


J.K. from Old Toronto | May 07, 2013

Furnace Replacement with High Efficiency Furnace

I have used Belyea Brothers for furnace repairs and air conditioning installation in the past. They recently replaced my furnace and everything went smoothly, from the sales appointment and site visit to the installation. I am very satisfied and would happily recommend Belyea to anyone.

Approximate cost of services:


C.F. Toronto | May 06, 2013

Mitsubishi Ductless A/C Unit for Second Floor

I used Belyea Bros to install a new furnace in my older home and because of that experience (reviewed elsewhere) I had no hesitation in contacting them again to install an A/C unit on the second floor. They do great work and offer honest, friendly service– I cannot recommend them more highly!

Approximate cost of services:


A.B. from Toronto | May 02, 2013

Enbridge Compliance Visit

Petar and Vojka arrived shortly after 8am as promised in a well-appointed service vehicle. Their names were on the door of the truck and the truck itself was absolutely immaculate-a clear differentiator from the service vehicles one often sees. Petar greeted me at the front door and immediately asked if there was a side or rear entrance to our home so he would not have to walk across the hardwood floors in his work boots. I took him to the rear door and he and Vojka used that door. They donned disposable booties for each entry into our home. Not only were they well dressed in button down dress shirts and branded cargo pants, they also left our home as they saw it upon arrival; no evidence other than the completed work that they had been on site. This was my first service experience with this company. I’ll certainly use them again. I hope this review will be seen by their supervisor!!

Approximate cost of services:


Reen-Ann McBean from Scarborough | May 02, 2013

New Carrier AC Unit to Replace Very Old Unit

Great service by Graham Hogarth and Mike Kehoe – prompt, clean, efficient and all round nice guys – very happy with the results – would use them again in a heartbeat.

Approximate cost of services:


Brian MacDonald from Toronto | Apr 28, 2013

Spring Central A/C Service

As usual, an excellent service call by John McQuaid. He arrived within the specified time, and he was polite, efficient and neat and tidy. He gave me some useful tips about filter changes.

Approximate cost of services:


Warren Vandal from East York | Apr 25, 2013

New Viessmann Vitodens High Efficiency Boiler & Rental Hot Water Tank Installation

On the very cold morning of April 10, Enbridge shut off gas supply to my 50 yr old furnace, due to dangerous levels of CO. I called Belyea & David Graeme arrived same day at 1:30 pm to spend over 2 hrs assessing & explaining what was needed. April 11 at 8:30 am Petar, Voyka & Andrew arrived with 2 electric heaters to warm my frigid home for the day. & spent 12 hrs installing a new boiler & water tank, including somewhat complicated venting to an outside wall. Their kindness, careful and efficient work ethic was evident from the moment they began. Andrew’s work outside in the snow storm that day was completed with cheerful optimism. In over 50 yrs of home ownership, I have never encountered a more positive approach from tradespersons. Their patience in explaining the workings of the new system was first class. Thank you Belyea Bros!

Approximate cost of services:


Mary Lou Manning from North York | Apr 22, 2013

Install Mitsubishi Wall-Mounted A/C

The assessor (Bruce Philp) was knowledgeable and courteous, explained the options clearly. The installer was experienced, did the work quickly and neatly, and explained clearly how to operate the unit.

Approximate cost of services:


John Grant from Old Toronto | Apr 18, 2013

New Carrier Furnace, Bradford White Water Heater & Mitsubishi Dictless Heat Pumps

The firm was prompt, courteous, the work was completed when scheduled, at the price quoted. The estimator took his time to explain our options prior to installation. The work crew cleaned up completely when finished.

Michael Brown from Old Toronto | Apr 12, 2013

New Viessmann High Efficiency Boiler

Excellent customer service. On time. Barb excellent at co-ordinating details and getting answers to questions. Steve also helpful in trying to solve other furnace issues I had. Installation completed in time frame promised.

Approximate cost of services:


Mary from Old Toronto 1 | Apr 11, 2013

New Payne High Efficiency Furnace and Carrier Central A/C

The work was started and finished as promised. Care was taken to protect flooring and when the work was finished everything was left as they found it. They also send me completed forms to apply for government grants. Of course the real proof will be in the performance of the furnace and A/C and in the service should it be required.

Approximate cost of services:


Jeanne Vlasics from Old Toronto | Apr 11, 2013

High Efficiency Furnace Installation

My furnace and I have been fighting for about a year now, and I finally realized that it was time for us to part ways. I called Belyea Brothers based on my previous amazing experiences with them and they came right out to discuss my options. They didn’t try to sell me on the most expensive products, but took the time to explain the differences to me, and leave me to make the decision on my own. The day it came in, Angelo and Christian were on time, so nice and got it done very quickly (thankfully – as it was awfully chilly!). They followed up on everything with me and made sure I was satisfied. I can’t recommend them highly enough!!

Approximate cost of services:


Robin in Scarborough | Apr 11, 2013

Furnace Repair

Last night, my furnace stopped. After some trouble-shooting, I got it to produce air, but only cold air. This morning I asked another company to send someone. ‘John’ came and told me that my igniter needed replacing, but also, sad to say, my heat exchanger was cracked. After discussing the costs of repairs, it became clear that a new furnace was in order. He wrote up the order. Fortunately I told him I needed to time get my finances in order, and I wanted a second opinion. He said he would come back tomorrow with invoices and also ‘red-tag’ (means the furnace must not be turned on. I called BELYEA BROS. Deo repaired the igniter, and demonstrated to me that the heat exchanger is working fine. Thank goodness I called BELYEA BROS. Apparently they have learned that you can make an honest living by providing a needed service, and providing it well. Very appreciative of their ethics and work attitude.

Approximate cost of services:


Judy Gilbert in East York | Apr 04, 2013

New Radiator Installation & Hydronic Piping

We would like to recommend Belyea Brothers Heating and Cooling . We own an older home in Leaside that was originally a bungalow built in the 40’s. A second storey was added over 30 years ago. Although the basement and first floor had water radiator heat the second storey had only electric baseboard heaters. We decide to change the electric baseboard heaters on the second storey and replace them with modern radiators. We were astounded and impressed by the work that was accomplished efficiently and professionally by the Belyea Brothers staff who tackled this challenging job. From our first contact with Steve who was reassuring, provided an estimate and gave us an initial idea of how the job could be accomplished we knew we were in good hands. We are particularly grateful to the team lead Andrew and his assistant Richard who did the Lion’s share of the work with skill and patience. They were professional and extremely knowledgeable and competent. They answered all our questions and kept us well informed throughout the process. They protected the floors and cleaned up every night after working so we could live in the house while the work was being done. They went the extra mile to make this job easier on us in every way, including helping us move heavy furniture out of the way when necessary. A plan was developed that minimised the need for ceiling repairs. We were kept informed of the plan and its progress. We were astounded that although they snaked 14 pipes from the basement to the second storey we had three small holes in our ceiling two of which are in closets. They were punctual and finished the work within the predicated time frame. They used top grade materials and we are confident in the installed system. They paid attention to detail, oriented and instructed us in the system operations; furnace, thermostat, radiators and ensured everything was operational before leaving. They honoured the quote given to us and there were no surprises. We would highly recommend Belyea Brothers Heating and Cooling for any heating needs.

Approximate cost of services:


Sisto & Jane from East York | Mar 28, 2013

New Gas Line Installation

When I was looking for a contractor to call, Belyea Brothers Heating and Cooling stood out for me, based on their track record for over 100 years. They have been to my home twice now for two separate jobs and both times they have exceeded all of my expectations. Recently Mike and Graham ran a gas line to my new range and I was incredibly impressed with their workmanship and attention to detail. They surpassed my expectations with their attention to detail. I would highly recommend Belyea Brothers to anyone.

Approximate cost of services:


Charley from Old Toronto | Mar 27, 2013

Furnace Replacement with Payne High Efficiency Furnace

We determined we were going to replace our furnace, rather than replace some rather expensive parts…no pressure from the technician Deo, who was pleasant, accommodating, and patient. Today, Mike and Christian arrived to install. They were wonderful! Friendly, polite, courteous, and efficient. They patiently answered all my questions about the new furnace and thermostat, as well as other things I thought to pick their brains about. I would not hesitate to recommend using Belyea Brothers in the future, and plan to purchase their maintenance plan.

Approximate cost of services:


Katherine Mellor from Old Toronto | Mar 18, 2013

New Water Heater Installation

Once again Belyea to the rescue. I had my water heater break down and leak all over my basement. Joe came by promptly and had a new one installed that afternoon even though he had trucks out and there was an impending snow storm. I said that I could wait a day if I had to but he managed to get it done that day. Wish I knew about them ages ago as I have had terrible furnace trouble and they finally fixed and perfected my furnace after my other company blamed me for the problem. Love them.

Marianne from North Toronto | Feb 20, 2013

Furnace Replacement with Payne High Efficiency Furnace

We determined we were going to replace our furnace, rather than replace some rather expensive parts…no pressure from the technician Deo, who was pleasant, accommodating, and patient. Today, Mike and Christian arrived to install. They were wonderful! Friendly, polite, courteous, and efficient. They patiently answered all my questions about the new furnace and thermostat, as well as other things I thought to pick their brains about. I would not hesitate to recommend using Belyea Brothers in the future, and plan to purchase their maintenance plan.

Approximate cost of services:


Katherine Mellor from Old Toronto | Mar 18, 2013

New Water Heater Installation

Once again Belyea to the rescue. I had my water heater break down and leak all over my basement. Joe came by promptly and had a new one installed that afternoon even though he had trucks out and there was an impending snow storm. I said that I could wait a day if I had to but he managed to get it done that day. Wish I knew about them ages ago as I have had terrible furnace trouble and they finally fixed and perfected my furnace after my other company blamed me for the problem. Love them.

Marianne from North Toronto | Feb 20, 2013

Rental Water Heater Installation

I was with the Big Company (you know who I mean) and wanted out. Belyea has excellent customer service and efficient, knowledgeable, hard-working staff both in administration and installers/repairers. It cost me 150 for them to install a tank and another 100 for the electric outlet, as there wasn’t one close enough. An excellent job.

Approximate cost of services:


Ruth Treloar from Toronto | Feb 06, 2013

New Carrier Furnace

We purchased a new furnace from Belyea Bros after the complete breakdown of our old furnace due to an accident. The sales rep did a great job explaining our options to us, and helping us find a solution that made sense for our space and for our budget. (Our insurance adjuster told us we got a great furnace from a great company at a great price.) The installation was the icing on the cake. The team was prompt and courteous, and left the place cleaner and more organized than they found it. And it was not an easy install. I recommend these guys highly and would go back to them in a second.

Approximate cost of services:


Bill Baker from Toronto | Jan 19, 2013

Stone Work, Porch Construction & Central Air Conditioner

We contracted with Belyea Bros. Ltd. to repair our stone work at the front of the house and re-cement portions of the porch. We had difficulty previously finding someone to do the work. Belyea Bros. Ltd. did a great job on the contract. They came in on time, cleaned up each day, and on budget. I would use them again for any construction around the house. They responded promptly to any concerns and the manger of renovations checked in regularly with us. A very easy renovation for us with their help. At another time, they replaced our air conditioner. Once again, great price and they made it easy for us.

Approximate cost of services:


Doug, North York, Toronto | Jan 17, 2013

Veissmann Combi Boiler & New Radiator Installation

The whole process from the quotation to installation was fantastic. The installation team were reliable, professional, and very hard working Originally they said the job would take at least two full days and but in the end they were able to get more people on the job and finished in one day.

Approximate cost of services:


A.B. from Toronto | Dec 21, 2012

New Carrier Furnace and Central AC

Belyea was very thorough in their analysis of the needs of our house – a very old house that likely was going to face AC issues getting to all floors. We asked many many questions through the quoting process, and they provided many answers that included saving us money. In the end the cold air made it all the way to the third floor, and the new furnace works perfectly. I would definitely recommend them to anyone, especially in the older parts of Toronto.

Approximate cost of services:


Liz from Toronto | Dec 17, 2012

Home Renovation

A leak in our roof caused serious mold issues in our attic. We had all the mold removed but this left us with a substantial area in our home without a ceiling. We had a few companies come in and quote on the project and decided to hire Belyea Bros for the work. Their quote was neither the cheapest, or most expensive, but after meeting and talking with their renovation manager during the quoting process, we had a greater sense of confidence that by choosing Belyea Bros, the job was going to get done right. We were pleased with the two gentleman that showed up to do the work. They were friendly yet professional and showed a high level of respect for our home. Anyone who has done drywall work before knows that it’s incredibly messy work. We were very happy with the final results and upon completion of the work, our home was left spotless. We have since hired them again to do some painting in our home and we will continue to endorse them to friends and family looking for a reliable home renovation company that does outstanding work. James and Elizabeth Alexander


James and Elizabeth A, Oakville | Dec 10, 2012

Rinnai E110C Combi Boiler Installation

From the inspection to estimate and installation, professional service all around! Understood the issues, presented options that work for us, and the work was done with an artists touch, super happy, impressed and satisfied, Thanks Belyea Bros

Phil Clarke from Toronto | Dec 05, 2012

Viessmann High Efficiency Boiler Installation

Dear David Graeme, President, Belyea Brothers: Your firm under the stewardship of Steve Gilmore and two nice guys who are proud of their work (Andrew Piekut and Richard Kelly) has recently installed the second of two heating systems on properties I own. It was a pleasure to work with them again. I would not hesitate to recommend all three of them for thier good work and professionalism. Thanks guys, it was a pleasure seeing you again.

Approximate cost of services:


Mike from Toronto from Toronto | Dec 05, 2012

Viessman Boiler Installation & Header Pipe Removal

Salesman Craig Hood carried out a detailed initial inspection and provided us with a clear price quote. The installation team of Andrew and Richard are highly professional and customer focused. I found the whole experience with Belyea to be first class and completely satisfactory.

Approximate cost of services:


Chris from Etobicoke from Toronto | Dec 04, 2012

Veissmann Vitodens 100 WB1B Installation

When a decision was made to replace our old oil burning boiler with a gas boiler, we chose Belyea Bros. to do the job. We were immediately contacted by Consultant Craig Hood and on his recommendation we chose a Veissmann Vitodens 100 WB/b. Many steps had to be taken before boiler could be installed. First, Craig had to make an application for a permit and gas line connection. Second, he followed up our arrangement with Amosite for removal of current oil system.(two oil tanks and existing asbestos). Craig Hood was very patient when I kept inquiring “how much longer do we wait for Enbridge to come to the site” – It took eight weeks! The day after Enbridge completed their work, Amosite very efficiently completed removal. The next day Belyea had two technicians (husband and wife) install the Boiler. When Enbridge inspector did final inspection, he made this comment “best boiler on the market!! Thank you Craig Hood and Joe.

Approximate cost of services:


Olga Ivanyshyn from Toronto | Nov 28, 2012

Annual Furnace Maintenance

We purchased our furnace from Belyea about 5 years ago. We also had had them in for an emergency call on a Saturday when we had no heat. They were here quickly and most everything was covered on the warranty. Then this Fall – we needed our regular maintenance. Two technicians came and got the job done very quickly – professional and friendly. Unfortunately, I had some trouble getting their arrival time sorted out. After a few phone calls when they were supposed to arrive, and some miscommunication between the office and me, we were all sorted out. Still – very happy with this local company!

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Meghan in Davisville | Nov 24, 2012

Mitsubishi MXZ-GE15 Ductless Heat Pump & AC

Belyea Brothers consultant Craig Hood made several visits to our place, and spent a lot of time discussing options with me. In the end, we decided to install a Mitsubishi Ductless Heating and Cooling system. The installers arrived promptly, and when there was a question about the placement, Craig was on the property within minutes. The installers were professional, and did a fine job. Craig has made himself available for answering questions since the install, far after he made the sale.

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SR from Toronto | Nov 22, 2012

Furnace maintenance

I just hate having anyone in my home as you just don’t know if things are left better or worse than when they came but Deo was fantastic. So polite and explained everything even though I was asking so many questions. He noticed a problem with the fan and fixed it. This is after I called another company repeatedly who never did anything. Great company.

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Marianne from North Toronto | Nov 22, 2012

Payne Furnace Installation

Belyea Brothers were excellent to deal with…explained everything clearly, showed up on time and cleaned up well after a furnace install. A month later I was having an issue with the furnace power turning on after a power outage, and they were able to come out right away to fix it. Highly recommended.

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Matt Pancer in Toronto | Nov 20, 2012

Annual Furnace Maintenance & Service

This company and their employees are competent, quick and thorough. Will ask them back to replace the rented water heater. Service person was clean and professional. It would be nice if they offered evening and weekend non-emergency calls. I appreciated that I could join the annual plan AFTER I called with a problem.

Ruth Treloar from Toronto | Nov 16, 2012

Installation of Carrier Attic Pak Central Air Conditioning Unit and Associated Air Diffusers and Transfer Conduits

Salesman Bruce was very patient, working with us for more than a month to get our needs exactly and explain all the details. On installation day the crew arrived on time and immediately discussed the project with us. Next, they covered exposed furniture and carpets with tarps and poly. The crew worked incredibly hard and were courteous and polite. Bruce arrived to see that work was progressing as planned At end of the first day, they cleaned up completely. The next day they arrived and replaced the tarps and poly. They finished the contract on time and with no surprises, budgetwise. All cleanup was satisfactory. We highly recommend them to any homeowner looking to purchase a A/C system for an older property that can not accommodate central air systems with ducts.

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Will in Scarborough | Nov 10, 2012

HTP Versa Hydro Combination Boiler

I had stunningly good service from Belyea Bros when I needed a new boiler for a 4-unit apartment building. Craig was always prompt in his multiple visits (I could set my watch by him!) and detailed in his approach to what I needed, offering a solution that worked. The whole team from Joe, the installation manager who created a cardboard model to scale of the boiler to be sure it would fit thru the door, to Andrew and Richard who installed the boiler, were thorough and perfectionist in all aspects of the project. Follow up after installation was also excellent. I have contacted Craig several times with questions after the boiler went in and he is always quick to get an answer back. Craig and David (the president) have even returned to show me and the tenants how to run the thermostat! Best of all I have seen significant savings in both my gas and hydro bills. If I could give them a higher rating than 10, I would.

S Winaton from Toronto | Nov 06, 2012

Furnace Repair

After a quick call to explain that the furnace had stopped working and a walk through the most likely scenarios, a technician was quickly dispatched. John called to say he could come by earlier than the scheduled appointment and came round. Friendly, courteous and quickly to work, he diagnosed the problem, ordered the part (a manufacturer warranty repair), lent us local area heaters, and let us know when he would be back with the part to finish the job. Good service by phone from the office to let us know when he would be back with the part to finish the job. Overall good service by phone from the office and on the job – booked Belyea to do our furnace cleaning.

G.E. in East York  – Nov 5, 2012

Annual Maintenance & Service

Dave Moore from Belyea has been servicing our heating and A/C systems for several years. He has always provided excellent, reasonable service and is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

Jeffrey from Toronto – Oct 31, 2012

Boiler Annual Maintenance

We recently moved into a new home. I was thrilled with David Moore’s (Belyea) maintenance visit this morning. He was great to deal with – polite, timely and thoroughly answered my questions.

Kath in Chaplin Estates – Oct 18, 2012

Central Air Conditioner Installation

They are a solid local company. The sales rep promptly met with us at our home and discussed a range of options with no pressure or upselling. His recommendation for a low clearance unit turned out great due to the position of the furnace and our neighbours. Very knowledgeable and professional. The installation and products were solid.

Tim in Toronto – Sep 25, 2012

Carrier Central Air Conditioner Installation

Very pleased with all aspects of the job: received a competitive quote, the installers arrived on time, they were courteous, professional, knowledgeable and kept me posted as to their progress throughout the job. I would recommend Belyea Bros. and their technicians/installers to family & friends. Well done.

Harry in Davisville Village – Aug 10, 2012

Wall Mounted Ductless Air Conditioner Installation

Ductless A/C installation My husband called Belyea Bros. on a Wed in the first week of July. By the Friday of the same week, Bruce came by to inspect and take photos. The following Friday the installers were here. They were prompt and got to work right away for a main floor install. The installers had to work in hot weather but got the job done. They even installed the outdoor condenser under our deck. Another considerate thing they did was to run the hose that water runs out of, away from our neighbour’s side and run it along our house. When we run the a/c (Mitsubishi 15,000 BTU unit) it cools the main lvl (living room, dining room, kitchen and our back extension). Both the indoor unit and the outdoor unit run quietly. We are impressed with the unit and service, that we will do another install for the 2nd floor with Belyea Bros. All staff that we interacted with were all courteous, helpful and showed up for their appts on time. All around 5 star service. Thanks again Belyea Bros. Lisa & Tony, East York.

Lisa Paul in East York – Aug 02, 2012

Central Air Conditioner Installation

Our experience with Belyea Bros was excellent! Craig Hood promptly returned my call and came right over to discuss a central air system for our home. We had never had central air so we had a lot of questions which he answered clearly and completely. It has been a very hot July in Toronto and Craig made sure our unit was installed on the Friday before Canada Day weekend. And thank goodness because we needed it! The installation went smoothly. The Belyea Bros employees were tidy and courteous. We are very happy with the service and would recommend Belyea Bros.

Lise in Toronto Danforth area – Aug 02, 2012

Furnace & Central AC Installation

My husband and I are very pleased with Belyea Brothers for heating and cooling. We did not have AC and had a furnace that was about to die. Our call was quickly returned and we received a thorough, expert quote. It was much more reasonable than expected. Andrew was the lead on installation and he did an incredible job. From wiring to minor concrete work, even knowing building codes and small details, we were very impressed. It was installed in a short time period, just in time for the summer heat wave. With such technical work with so many components, it could easily go wrong with less thorough installers (such as properly sealing pipes outside). We are very happy with the end result and would recommend!

PjSC in Toronto – Jul 21, 2012

Wall Mounted Ductless Air Conditioner Installation

We live in an older home with central A/C. However, the difference in temperature between the upper and basement levels is at least 10C on a hot day. We decided to get a Mr. Slim unit. Mr. Frost came by the same day to provide a quote. Unlike some other companies we called, he was very thorough in his assessment (looked carefully at the electrical, took measurements and photos, assessed the exterior of the garage) as this was necessary for our type of older home. He was courteous. The installers, I believe their names were Carl and Graham, were also professional. The job took 4 hours. My only criticism is they started about 30 minutes late due to an error in the address, but they ended up finishing the job in less than the estimated time. The unit works wonderfully. Thank you, Belyea Bros!

Camilla in North York – Jul 03, 2012

Mr. Slim Ductless Air Conditioner Installation

I required an air condition unit for a older home with no ducts and was recommended the Mr. Slim ductless unit. I contacted Belyea Bros. and, Mr. Frost, the salesman who came to our home (and accommodated our request for a meeting after our workday was done – on a Friday none-the-less) was extremely knowledgeable about the system and requirements for installation, that it made our decision to go with Belyea Bros and easy one. They installed the system on the day that we requested and were punctual and left our home (inside and out) clean. About 1 month has gone by and we were just ready to use the system and asked Mr. Frost to come by and help us with the controls and settings – which he happily did with a smile. My husband and I are very impressed with the expertise of Belyea and happily will recommend their company.

Yolanda Cafaro in East York – Jun 15, 2012

Mitsubishi Wall Mounted Ductless Air Conditioner Installation

One year ago, I had a Mr. Slim ductless A/C unit installed. They did an amazing job installing it, considering the unit had to be put up on our roof. All went well. This year, we started up our unit. It had stopped cooling. After some hiccups with scheduling and part availabilities, all was cleared up and our unit is happily humming away. Beverly, the operations manager, was a huge help. Their care for customer service was greatly appreciated!

J.Macalik in Toronto – Jun 14, 2012

Carrier Central Air Conditioner Installation

The installation went very smoothly. The office staff is courteous and organized. The technicians showed up on time, and worked hard to get everything working, taking only one short break.

Kari in East York – Jun 12, 2012

Bringing Gas Boiler up to Code

The interesting thing about this review is that is for a job that was NOT initially done by Belyea, but they were nonetheless extremely helpful when I called them on the phone for a second opinion. We had had our gas boiler serviced by another firm and the serviceman — who we took to be honest and competent — told us that the boiler was getting insufficient oxygen, and that this carried a danger of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. The solution, he said, was to install special ductwork, at a cost of several hundred dollars. In situations like this I’ve found that service people sometimes give erroneous advice, so I called Belyea for a second opinion. David Graeme spent about 20 minutes on the phone with me, building up a mental picture of our basement and the airflow in our house, and after carefully reviewing the situation said that it was possible that there was a simpler solution. I arranged for a serviceman to come by, and he was equally helpful, and did, indeed, find a simpler (and considerably less expensive) solution for us. Considering, as I said, that this was initially not their job I found this to be a very impressive approach to customer service.

David in Leaside Toronto – Apr 23, 2012

Steam Boiler

Belyea Brothers is a very reputable company. We have a rare steam heating system in our house. They were able to advise us on what to do when the boiler broke down. They were able to source a US boiler and they have maintained it ever since.

Cecile in Toronto – Mar 16, 2012

Installation of High Efficiency NTI Trinity Hot Water Gas Boiler

Belyea Bros’ sales representative Chris Ross, presented us with lots of information and good advice. The time he spent with us gave us the confidence we needed to make informed choices. Belyea Bros’s installers Peter and his wife, were very informative and professional in the installation of our new boiler. Their cleanup of the work area was meticulous.

Susan Scriver in Etobicoke – Feb 29, 2012

Installation of High Efficiency NTI Trinity Combination Hot Water Gas Boiler & Mitsubishi Wall Mounted Ductless AC

This past summer, we had Belyea Bros. install a ‘Mr.Slim’ ductless split AC system for us which works beautifully. More recently we called Belyea to replace our very old oil fired boiler. On their recommendation we had them install a new NTI wall-hung ‘combi’ hydronic system which heats our house, provides domestic hot water and also heats our pool! From original concept through design, sales presentation, and installation, we once again were very impressed with the expertise of Belyea. Because of our experience with Belyea we continue to recommend their company for air conditioning and heating needs.

Ross McLean in York – Feb 05, 2012

Carrier Furnace & Central Air Conditioner Installation

When we moved into our Toronto townhouse in late November we found that the electric furnace did not work and that the air conditioner condensor was leaking. We called Belyea Brothers in the morning and that same afternoon a technician was there to do an assessment. He also brought us a couple of new ceramic space heaters so we would be comfortable – this was before we had even asked Belyea Brothers for a quote. The rest of the process went equally smoothly. The sales manager’s explanations were clear, free of jargon and of sales pressure. The installation team was prompt, quick and careful not to dirty or damage our newly renovated floors. The best way to describe Belyea Brother’s service was that there were no surprises. Everything was on-time, on-budget, installed quickly and has worked perfectly since. I would definitely use them again and recommend them highly, especially for work on older building and HVAC systems.

Douglas Kennedy in Toronto – Feb 03, 2012

Installation of Viessmann High Efficiency Hot Water Gas Boiler

The two technicians who installed the boiler arrived on time and completed the two-day installation as they promised. I was very impressed with the speed and quality of the work done by the lead plumber. The new Viessmann boiler is very efficient and requires half the amount of natural gas that my previous installation required to heat the house and the domestic hat water. Thank you Belyea Bros.!

Timothy Crooks in Toronto – Jan 30, 2012

Gas Furnace Maintenance & Service

Belyea handles our annual furnace maintenance yearly, and they are always prompt and reliable. We have an older boiler and they recommended installation of a low limit switch to increase its efficiency, as well as a couple of minor repair items. They answered my questions and installed the recommended items at their projected costs. I would recommend them.

D H P in East York – Jan 27, 2012

Fixing a Humidifier

Overall, an excellent experience. The person taking the call was clear about the costs and they were available in a couple of days. The technician, Dave, showed up during the agreed time period and was finished quickly. He even suggested some other work that needed to be done in the spring without no pressure to get the work done immediately. I would definitely use this company again.

G Smith in Toronto – Jan 12, 2012

Tankless Water Heater Repair

My wife and I bought a new home which is heated by a tankless water heater. Once winter hit we noticed that the hot air and hot water would spontaneously fail. I had originally called Direct Energy as we were on their monthly plan home care plan but when the guy came, he looked at our unit and said we were not covered (I promptly cancelled our coverage plan). I then called Belyea who was recommended to me (they had originally inspected my radiant floors and water heating system when I bought the house earlier this year. I found them prompt, affordable and expert. Belyea made arrangements to look at my home the day after I called. No 5 hour window, no 2 week wait. They came the next day! My problem was diagnosed and the part was ordered immediately. I was called a day later and advised the part was in. I made arrangements for them to come back the following week to replace the failing part (it was still working more or less). Unfortunately my part failed over the weekend and we lost all hot air and water. I called Belyea on Sunday, and they made arrangements to come at 9am Monday morning. Again, no 5 hour window. The guy showed up at 8:45 and was done by 9am. He replaced a faulty ignition sensor and explained my system to me. He was knowledgeable and experienced. He explained why the pieces failed and what to expect in the future. Both these visits (diagnosis and repair) cost me only $349 tax in. I have used this company twice now. Both times I found them extremely knowledgeable. The first time I used this company, I met with DAVID GRAEME who inspected my home and then sat down with me, drew me a diagram explaining how my radiant floor heating system worked and how it needed to be separated from my potable water etc. That visit only cost me about $100 and was so informative, I felt comfortable buying the house from the owner who was an engineer and had installed this high tech water system himself. I highly recommend Belyea. They are very fairly priced and most importantly, honest, experienced and reliable.

Bruce in Toronto – Jan 10, 2012

Fixing my Boiler that was just installed by another company

They saved the day. No more noise and no more bleeding rads every 2 days. Great service. David Graeme is the Mike Holmes of HVAC. They get it right! Also just got my hot water tank rental from them. I don’t have to be a number on a Direct Energy list anymore. I’m a person with a name… YEAH!

Rob in North York – Dec 01, 2011

Installation of new Boiler and Hot Water Heater

Belyea Bros. were recommended to us by a friend and were professional from start to finish. Chris was the Systems Consultant who came to our house and he was patient, clear, listened carefully and explained everything very well. The installation happened when they said it would and took as long as they said it would. It was all done very neatly with a minimum of intrusion in our home and we are happy with the result.

Janis in Toronto – Nov 02, 2011

Installation of a new Trane High Efficiency Furnace

Simply put we needed a furnace and we wanted something good. The product and the service were important to us. We got three quotes and decided to go with Belyea Bros because the sales person wasn’t slick. He was informative, easy going and professional through and through. The installation was on schedule, on time and well done (as far as we could tell because it looks great and was really neat). My wife and I are really happy with went with a Trane furnace with installation from Belyea. The installers (Paul & Ian) answered all our questions and really worked to ensure the install went smoothly. Everything was kept neat and clean. The cost included putting exhaust pipes through the garage. I’d recommend Belyea Bros and use them again.

Michael in Etobicoke – Oct 07, 2011

Full Boiler & Radiant System Installation

Letter I wrote to the President: Dear David, I am writing this letter to acknowledge Steve and Andrew for their high quality of service provided at our home. Coming from a contracting background and dealing with trades in my daily business I found these two individuals to be highly professional. Being a vigilant homeowner I received several quotes from different companies for this installation. My decision was made after meeting with Steve as I found him to truly listen and understand what our needs were. Steve gave us constructive feedback so we can make informed decisions. Throughout the process of the installation Steve always keep us informed by phone, e-mail and in person which put our minds at ease and helped us feel confident that the install was being done with care. Andrew demonstrated his passion and knowledge of his trade every time we spoke to him. Andrew keep us informed on a daily basis and was very polite and courteous. We definitely would recommend your company to all our neighbors, friends and family because of our experience with these two individuals. We thank them for going the extra mile!!! Thank you and your professional staff one more time. All the best. Sincerely, Dominic

Dominic in Toronto – Oct 05, 2011

High Efficiency Boiler Installation

Dealing with Belyea bros was a pleasure from start to finish. Chris, our sales person, described the pros and cons of all high efficiency boilers appropriate for our house, gave us enough material to review and enough time to review them. Installation started on time and it was timely and clean. The boiler itself is great, as promised and works great.

k567 in Toronto – Sep 09, 2011

Installation of Attic Pak Central Air Conditioning & Additional New Radiators

Our home is a typical 40’s East York home with Radiant Heat and no A/C. We were performing a renovation on our home and decided that to ever relaize the full value of the home if it were to ever be sold we would need to do 2 things, get central air and eliminate our electric baseboard heaters on the second floor. This was a major undertaking so we wanted to go with a reputable company. We chose Belyea Bros for their reputation and for the competitive pricing they provided. We purchased an Attic Pak A/C system because we have no ductwork, and asked that they extend our ground floor Radiator heat to the second floor, replacing all old rads with modern rads. Belyea stuck to their estimates, even when challenges arose, and there were challenges with this house. Their workers were professional and respectfull of our needs and timeline. Any problems that arose after they left were promptly addressed and the sales people in the project were helpful every step of the way. We now enjoy high efficiency A/C throught the house and are looking forward to winter time, not having to control individual electric heaters in our bedrooms and nice, modern, quiet radiators througout. Thanks Belyea Bros, David and your team!

Frank Lombardo in East york – Aug 16, 2011

Installation of a Trane High Efficiency Furnace & Central AC with a Tankless Water Heater

Excellent service and timely completion of the work. Everything replaced in less than a day! Would highly recommend Belyea. They also service my company’s hvac system. Triple A rating for them.

Al in North york – Aug 03, 2011

Installation of a new Trane Central Air Conditioner

Belyea Brothers installed an excellent Trane air conditioner for our home. They spent time discussing and planning the installation to meet our requirements. The installation was flawless by their technical installers Petar and Voyka Bezic. A family business with a very high level of service integrity, excellence and the right price. We highly recommend this company, a pleasure to deal with. Sales associate Bruce Philp is a seasoned professional.

P Loveday in Toronto – Jun 07, 2011

Air Conditioning

From sales presentation through to installation, the company was first class. we are extremely pleased with the Mitsubishi unit. We would recommend Belyea Bros. to our friends and neighbours without reservation.

Belyea Bros. topnotch. Ross McLean in York – Apr 10, 2011

Expert Boiler Advice

I bought a home and needed to hire an expert in radiant floor heating, as the home inspection report had concerns about the piping. I was recommended to use Belyea. Glad I did. I met with David Graeme who came to my home, inspected it and gave me ample, easy to understand advice. Apparently, the system installed was an “open system” which was a problem as water from the flooring could find it’s way to the potable hot water taps. David explained and recommended a solution (either separate the potable and non potable water via piping, or via a small water heater (boiler) which is designed to do this for you. As a result of their expertise, I was able to negotiate a fix with the seller and now have a good understanding of RAD floors. I would definitely use these guys again. They know what they are doing.

Very knowledgeable. Bruce in Toronto – Apr 04, 2011

Relocating 107-year-old Boiler pipes from old to new location in the basement.

David Graeme, Belyea Bros., replaced our 25-year old boiler with a new high-efficiency model about 18 months ago. He was knowledgeable, patient in answering questions, and professional in giving suggestions and offering solutions. The installation was smooth and went to plan. A minor problem was fixed within a day of our phone call. When we were renovating our basement and wanted the 107-year old cast-iron pipes and manifold replaced and moved to a better location, it made sense to call Belyea again. Mr. Graeme was every bit as prompt, co-operative with our contractor, and helpful as the first time, with suggestions and solutions to fairly complex problems. Mr. Graeme, on his own and without prompting from us, accommodated a personal schedule and sent an extra man to ensure work would be completed to meet our needs. The installation team led, by Andrew, was exceptional in their attention to detail, and finished work well on schedule. Thank you, Mr. Graeme, Andrew, and team. We will not hesitate to recommend you to others.

David Graeme and Belyea Bros. are Stars! Freny in Toronto – Mar 07, 2011

Installation of a High Efficiency Hot Water Boiler

On Friday 14th January the annual furnace inspection revealed that our furnace was too old (almost 30 years) and could not be operated safely any more. This, during the coldest days of winter! We called Belyea Bros to enquire about a replacement, and within hours a sales representative, Bruce Philp, came to our house, made an inspection and suggested a model that would replace the old furnace. However, it could not be installed until Monday. We survived the weekend thanks to Bruce, who brought us three electric heaters. Early on Monday morning the installers arrived and removed the old furnace; they finished installing the new furnace late in the evening and heat was once again flowing through our radiators. All was not quite right however, and the temperature rose only slowly. A call to Belyea brought a troubleshooter within hours who found the problem, fixed it and finally we were warm again. Thanks Belyea!

Thanks Belyea. James Duffin in Toronto – Feb 06, 2011

Boiler Replacement & Venting Upgrades

We have always heard/read great reviews about Belyea Bros. Heating and Air Conditioning, and now we are so very pleased to add our review. This past winter we had an emergency situation with a boiler failure during one of the coldest extreme alert days. My wife and I placed emergency “no heat” calls, which prompted heating companies to come out and bid on the job. Belyea Bros were first on scene, and supplied temporary emergency heating, regardless who we chose to do the work. After comparison valuation – Belyea Bros. was exceptional! Soon our house was toasty warm again with an efficient boiler. Belyea Bros. staff were First Class! Bruce, explained all the details, products and gave us best competitive pricing! Andrew and his team installed the boiler and chimney liner and piping. The furnace room was left spotless, which was amazing considering the work involved. When you want “First Class Customer Service”. Call Belyea Bros. Heating and Air Conditioning!

Belyea Bros -” First Class Customer Service”. Norm in East York – Jan 24, 2011

Replacement High Efficiency Furnace & Water Heater

-purchase and install new hi-efficiency furnace through Belyea Bros. Also, they installed a new water heater that I had purchased. Everything went smoothly from quote to clean up. The installation crew was great – everything done in one day. Special thanks to David G and Steve G for their invaluable advice and service. Top notch work! Highly recommend Belyea Bros!

Thank you Belyea Bros. M Gyulay in Toronto – Oct 04, 2010

Replacement High Efficiency Boiler, Domestic Hot Water System, Additional Radiators, and Attic Pak Air Conditioning

From quotation to explanations to installation Belyea was exceptional. Their attention to detail, understanding of their product and the explanations of why and how, was very impressive. We had several quotes beside Belyea and besides being competitively priced they made you feel that this was personal. We were thoroughly satisfied with the furnace/water heating system (radiators) and AC we had put in. I’d highly recommend them for any of the services they offer.

Exceptional personnel and products. Simon in Toronto – Sep 23, 2010

Central Air Conditioner Relocation

I had to have waterproofing done on the side of my house that included my air conditioner, which had to be disconnected and moved by an AC professional. After getting several quotes, I selected Belyea Brothers because Joe M. was a true professional. He explained my options and when I was interested in replacing our unit, he helped us select a unit that was the best value. The crew came as promised to remove the old unit, and when the waterproofing was done, they were back the next day to install the new unit. All during our mini-heat wave!

True Professionals. Cathy B in East York – Sep 15, 2010

Baxi Combination Boiler Service

Hot water on demand at my new home in The Beach was lukewarm at best, although the home heating side of it worked fine. After spending nine months trying to fix the problem in my system, I called in Belyea Brothers. Zahid located the problem and fixed it. A hot bath at last!

A Hot Bath at Last Anne lane in Toronto – Aug 12, 2010

We hired Belyea Brothers to install a ductless AC on our home’s 3rd floor. Booking an assessment with Steve was quick and easy, the quote was prompt and professional with all the information needed (and fair pricing), and they installed everything one week later as discussed…

Lauren A.

I contacted Belyea to replace a part on my water tank and they had it quickly completed very quickly. Initially there was some miscommunication, but the company was very fast to assume responsibility and remedy the problem. The technician, Matt, was highly professional and friendly…

Missy S.

We are extremely happy with the renovations and complete transformation of our 1,200 square foot basement by Belyea Bros. Limited. The project manager Sandy Scotland and his team, Kevin, Cam, Eytan and Liam, delivered high quality craftsmanship, with great attention to detail…

Laura Bhoi

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